Getting back to a day job as an artist.

Getting back to a part time day job.

Yes, I have to confess something to you all. I had to get back to a regular day job. I am a part time normie (That is how the hip kids call it, aren't they?) again. These days you only hear succes stories and how beautiful it is to be an illustrator. It is a awesome job, don't get me wrong! But the complaints about poor payments and struggles to get clients are real. Especially when you don't have a style of artwork like mine. But that is even more reason to get back to a part time job. So let me talk about that and when you are finished reading about that you can read and see my new project called >>>Third Circle <<<

Third Circle: Water Collector

The part time normie life brings peace in your artistic life.

It kind of is a relief not to worry about paying the bills. Most people don't think about that because they go to work and get payed. As an artist you are fucked. You have to get clients and they have to pay for what you do. So now I have a part time job and I don't have to worry as much to pay the bills anymore. This gives me a lot more peace and time to think about what I want to create. In the book I talked about before The Organized Mind it is explained why it is so important not to have anything else on you mind (or at least as little as possible) to be able to focus on whatever you want to be successful at. Actors don't even do their own groceries and that is not because they get recognized in public but that is because they are dealing with being an actor and they don't want and need to be distracted from what is important to do.

Buying time.

The fact that you now have a steady income and not having to worry about that anymore is a nice thing to have but there is another thing that is positive about having a part time job. You are buying your time. Yes, it is a bit weird at first since I am throwing away three days of my week away on doing something I don't really want but you get that time back with rescheduling your days and saying no. Saying no is one of the most important things I have ever done. You might have heard about that before.
That client who wants you to draw something in a style similar to another artist far away from what you usually do. The client who doesn't have a budget and wants you to do it for exposure or a little price, that client who wants you (me) to draw something you don't like at all or totally disagree with since that is not what their product is about at all, the client who knows way too well what they want on paper, the client who doesn't know what they want at all and suddenly their parents are judges as well and after that their friends and friends of friends and colleagues have to say something too so you get stuck in a hazard of feedback from the entire country. You can say no to those people. The projects are not fun to do, the end result is not that great so you can't put that in your portfolio, you don't want to copy other artists, and the time you lose with emailing and meeting the people and talking about what they want is terrible. So yes, you win time on the long run.
Let's be honest. You could do your master piece in this time. Oh, and don't forget that you can be sure that when people see that crappy design you did for that 100,- Euros they come to you to do that over and over again.
By saying no you suddenly have days of time for 100,- Euro and also there is the possibility that you make that one piece of artwork you want to do and put that online and then suddenly there is this client that spotted this piece and comes to you. This client wants to pay you a 1000,- euros for a project you wanted to do so bad! There is way more you buy for the three days you spend at a normie day job.

First attempt to draw science fiction like stuff fully digital

Digital study Andrew Loomis
By: CAVUMscriptorium

Third Circle: Femme Fatale
Copyright: CAVUMscriptorium

Improving the quality of your life and artwork

You are improving the quality of your life. Suddenly there is weekend. With less stress you will feel better, you get time to go for a walk or the gym. You get the time to so something social like going to a bar or a meeting. You have more time to eat healthy and you don't forget to eat when you are deep in a drawing. So you can human again so now and then. Besides that you can human it can give you opportunities. Since you are going out again and you are a risk taker and someone who is innovative and always looking for that next awesome project you will carry your business cards all the time. Now you are out you can meet people and maybe meet that art director or other client who you never expected to meet. The life on the internet is not everything you know! Even when it looks like it these days.
Also I discovered that I have time left to think about what I want in my life. Most people apparently don't think about that since they are doing their day job and in the evening and weekends they are watching netflix or doing some other things and that is fine but not for me. I want to become that artist who is published in Spectrum. I want John Flesk to be amazed by my work. I want to be that artist people would be nervous to meet like I am when I meet other artists. So now I have the time to do some experiments with material and start my own projects.
All these things are a huge improvement on my life since I am not feeling that great at the moment. The absence of projects always make me feel like I am not good enough to get clients. It is really hard to deal with this since I need to be busy or else I start to think about things I shouldn't be thinking of. 

Your own awesome world of art

This brings me to the final topic and shameless self promotion. I started to take time on artwork since there is no deadline. I can focus on quality and what I want to tell. Hereby I announce my new project called "Third Circle"

Third Circle logo design
Copyright: CAVUMscriptorium

I am designing a post apocalyptic world. Every drawing I make I can focus on a technical part to improve and it is a big world. In this world we have a culture of surviving but also entertainment and commercials. George Miller once said in a interview about Mad Max -Fury Road that even in the worst post apocalyptic scenario people are still able to create beautiful things. So why wouldn't there be comics? I could start writing a comic and I could start designing posters for theatres because we didn't became terrible animals. Maybe we became crazy, maybe we became people who are continuously fighting for more power or maybe we became lone wanderers who are surviving or we are traveling like nomads. There is a world to win!

You can follow the evolution of this project on Instagram:

Third circle "Sunsine Apocalypse fictional comic cover"
Copyright: CAVUMscriptorium

Third Circle: Big Lady bomb

Third Circle: The lone one
Copyright: CAVUMscriptorium


It is not a failure to get back to a day job. It is different. These hard decisions need to be made so now and then to change things for the greater good. It is hard to deal with at first but they create opportunities. You have to think forward and look back at the same time. Why looking back? Because there lies the answer to the question: Why am I still trying?
The answer to that question is that it is the wrong question. The question actually is why are you making art? the answer to that is Because you love doing it. Sometimes it is something you need to remember. Kim Jung Gi doesn't care about his drawing anymore once it is finished. He made an amazing piece of work but it is done. The fun of making it is gone. That is why you pick up your pencil again and start drawing on your next master piece.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it gives you hope and peace of mind when you are feeling a bit down about your own work.




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