Visiting Roadburn on a visual level.

The Art of Roadburn

Hello again!

I am happy I was asked to do some small things in the form of illustrations for this festival again. For those who are visiting roadburn for the first time you will discover that it is a really different experience from other festivals where there are stages, merchandise, beer, parties and music. This festival opened the Box of Pandora and you fell deep into it on all kinds of levels. Your soul will be removed and tormented with all kinds of great stuff from fantastic beers, lectures and interviews, movies and visuals and also art.
Since I am an artist I want to approach this side of the festival. I guess that's something new to all of you festival review searching music nerds isn't it? That's why most of you don't read this but anyway!  Let's dive into the artwork!

The main poster artist Richey Beckett.

Richey Beckett! You probably know about this man and legend. He is responsible for the main poster artwork for the festival and it was to be expected that he delivered some high quality artwork completely in the style of Alphonse Mucha.
He worked with several big bands as Metallica, Mastodon and many more and his work is also to be found in the movie industry. I wish I could ever reach that level of fame and projects. I can always keep on dreaming.

He is a master of detail and works with pen and ink. Yes, the old-fashioned way. That gives his work the feel of something that is made by Gustav Dore or other engraving legends from the past. 

Make sure you check out his work before you find him at the Full Bleed exhibition so you are not getting too overwhelmed and therefore drown in the amount of details.

Jacob Bannon

Not a unfamiliar face to most of you guys either. He was on stage with his bands Converge and Were Your Wounds at Roadburn before. But he is also responsible for a lot of artwork. Balancing on the edge of abstract and figurative, painting and photography silkscreens and other mixed media type of things. Colorful and dark. His work seems to be more about the message than the medium where it is made in. Very interesting and it talks to your soul just like his music.

He is a man of many disciplines so I advice to dive deep into his life. He is someone who lives and breathes creativity on many levels.

John Dyer Baizley

Again, not a unfamiliar face to most of you. Bailey is responsible for last years main poster. Ladies, ladies everywhere for some years now at the festival posters! Not bad for all the man at the festival I guess.

Baizley is heavy influenced by symbolism from the 19th century and mythology and primitive mystical events. Take all this information and put this together in a visual manifestation and you have a real Baizley. It's not that hard to do. (ha-ha. That was a joke since it is not easy to re-create.. these days you have to explain jokes else people get all angry)
Again it is a modern version of the Art Nouveau style where the occult and mystical realms are not a rarity. Perfect for the genres that walk these paths of beautiful darkness.

Becky Cloonan

Someone I knew about before all these other artists is Becky Cloonan and for all of you comic nerds, you do know her as well. Comic artist and music enthusiast and one that is able to mix this stuff perfectly! Besides a really nice person fun to hang with she is an amazing artist.

She masters the digital medium perfectly just as the real hand work. Because of that it is hard to see for the untrained art that a lot of work she does is inked digitally. I always have a weak spot for the artists who can do digital art so well that it looks as it is made on paper.
She is a machine that keeps on creating awesome artwork, pins, posters, stickers and other artwork that keeps on appearing on several social media sources and in her shop.
Besides that she worked on a lot of comic (cover) art as Batman, the Punisher, Southern Cross and more.

Batman limited edition statue design by Becky Cloonan.
(I know she is proud of this one so I had to share this)

But she is not only awesome as a comic artist, the same skills to create great dynamic artwork is used to create damn awesome poster art. She was the Poster artist of Roadburn 2016 and an unexpected one for the festival. Where most of the artwork is psychedelic and weird and stoner, this design wish extremely strong and clean. It kicked you in the face and balls with strong linework and bright colors without looking like a candy wrapper. That is skill right there and it is something fresh for your eyes.

Please pay attention to this artist, she is an award winning piece of gold no one should skip. 

Poster art Roadburn 2016
by: Becky Cloonan

Arik Roper

Who doesn't know him? All of you damn stoner and doom metal fans are still worshipping the Dopesmoker record or the High on Fire records and many more of the records he made. A veteran and one who is best to be described as "That guy that makes me look like a damn teen" (~Costin Chioreanu-2016) A painter of psychedelic scenery that suits perfectly in so many genres from books to posters to album covers to t-shirt designs and as a painter he can fill a gallery without any effort.
He is another artist who did so much on such a high level of skill that I dream about the amount of awesome projects he did in his career.
He is also responsible for the Poster art for Roadburn Festival 2015. I would like to describe his work as things who appear from smoke or water and take form before your eyes. It has the old school Heavy Metal fantasy art vibe without the extreme scenes. A fantasy artist with a love for good music. In some way it is a funny thing that someones work is a perfect reflection of who the artist is. In this case it is totally true. 

In my opinion on of the most awesome surreal/magic realistic artist of in the music industry at this time. There is no trickery or photoshop effects, just real work and dirty hands like most artist I mentioned above do. He made artwork for bands as Bolt Thrower, High on Fire, Wolfbrigade, Kylesa and many more.
I hope not to offend him by saying that he is the pop surrealist who really touches the dark side of the omniversal spectrum. Bright colors and it feels okay and kind of sweet for your eyes. It doesn't kick you in the nuts like my work does. But this subtile way of showing the message is really effective to get into your brains and then it explodes. Maximum impact. Let's call him the sniper artist who keeps on surprising you. 

Thomas Hooper

I have to say I was not familiar with Hoopers work so for his history I am quoting the Roadburn Website.
Thomas Hooper is a tattooer, an artist, a husband, and a father. These identities shape, blend and define his artistic sensibility across multiple creative mediums. Taking creative inspiration from historic iconography, alchemical and early scientific illustrations, traditional woodcuts and mystic cosmology, Thomas has been tattooing since 2000 and is considered a leader in the modern black-work tattoo genre.

Thomas studied drawing at the London Institute of Art and Design and his artwork has been displayed at numerous galleries, including a recent joint exhibit with his tattoo mentor Jim MacAirt at Fleet Gallery in his hometown of Hastings in East Sussex (UK). Thomas mixes orthodox and contrary drawing and painting techniques, organic textures, computer-enhanced patterns and geometrical entities from his everyday practice on skin in his fine art creative process.

In 2014Mediafriends / Tattoo Life Productions published Inward: The Art of Thomas Hooper featuring over 120 drawings and paintings as well as a collection of sketches, textures and illustration that document his prolific artistry. Defying creative confinement, Thomas has collaborated with companies such as Fine Light TradingHelmet Lang and True Black to create jewelry, fabric and clothing.He has created album art and layout design for NeurosisConvergeTombsDoomriders and many other musical groups. He is also the author and publisher of several highly-regarded pattern, line drawing and skull reference books. Thomas’s pictorial work may share a complementary undercurrent with his skin-based application, but it travels far from the world of tattooing to explore a very medium-orientated abstraction.
Now for my opinion: damn, this is awesome. It is a nice blend of many religious and alchemical aspects. His work is more than just cool a cool picture on your arm. The body really is his canvas and his tattoos are a part of the body and you. I am not really into tattoos but if I would take one he would be the guy who could design the stuff. So to all of you tattoo lovers: crawl over to him and beg for the needle!

Maarten Donders 

I wrote about him before and I will give you a brief introduction to his work again. He is that artist who was born too late. The 70's are back but not in the way you would expect. He managed to give that what was back then a modern look and it is suitable for so many things. From the most absurd to a comic ABC published by IDW about the music he loves.
He is not an unfamiliar face for the Roadburn veterans since he is making artwork for 013 and Roadburn for 10 years already. Buy him a beer for that and be grateful! 
Through his active career I can say he is taming his brush more and more and at this point he is able to kill people with it. Like a samurai does his thing with his katana Maarten cuts the lines on paper and grabs your attention, eyes, and mind. Everything seems to be moving and changing into different shapes and events. To be honest, I would love to see an animation project by his hands.
For all of you 70s lovers please check out his work. He is going to sell hand printed posters and stuff like that. They really are collector items so be quick!

The other art

The mentioned artists are those who are to be seen at Fullbleed. But please pay attention to the Backdrops in-between shows, other poster art, the Weirdo Canyon Dispatch and all the animation work and other weird things to be seen. Artist as Costin Chioreanu, Richard Schouten, me and others have worked hard to make the festival a visual experience as well!

Keep an eye open for everything and hopefully we will will meet for a talk and stuff.

Stay Weird,



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