My reason for personal artwork

Creating a personal piece.

Hello there beloved failed abortions. At this moment I am saving some HUGE files for Roadburn Festival. I made a poster with the announcements for 013, the concert venue where the festival is going to happen. They are square files but they are damn big and therefore it takes so damn long to save them. I hope 013 likes the designs else I am fucked and I have to try to change everything.

But while I am waiting for the save I can't use Photoshop without fucking things up so I do have the time to write some things. It kind of is a stressful time since I was sick some weeks back and I still am behind on my schedule and next week it's time for Roadburn. Maybe I have to make sacrifices and maybe I have to skip the first day to get things done in time.


If you are reading this and you are starting your days as an fulltime illustrator you can safely say good bye to vacations and spare time. At least I have to do that so maybe it is just me because I am not the popular boy on instagram or something.
Most of the time I am working to get things done or I am cleaning my house or cooking food or at least trying to take care of myself and this seven days a week. I really don't have a clue how other people in this industry are managing their time but I have to work 7 days a week for about 10 to 12 hours a day. So spare time is extremely rare. Besides that I get kicked in the nuts when I do suddenly take some time off. I can't just go cold turkey. So that is why I usually try to make a piece of art for myself. Well, it is more some kind of food for my portfolio since I would love to do more artwork in other parts of the illustrative industry. With weird poster designs I won't ever make in the world of publishers and writers and maybe movies and game design.
The time I have I will spend on making new things.

detail of the main character of  pice I am working on.

Making new artwork

This new piece I am working on is about a group of nomads based on several cultures who traveled steppes. In this piece I wanted to explore different cultures and mix them together to give it some kind of fantasy feel. Yeah, I like the fact that it has the vibe from several cultures already and blended it together to what it is now. But before you are going to like it like crazy *cough*I have to say my next work is going to be a very boring traditional study of clothing of nomads and other elements from cultural traditions.
So there you have it, I am writing a little piece of poop and I am already giving purpose to why I am making this piece of art and what I am going to do next. That is why I, and probably many other artists with me, are creating personal stuff. While I do things I am thinking what I am doing wrong or can do differently and now I see there is a world to win on patterns and clothing and cultures and so on and so forth.
The full piece (WIP)
Artwork by me: CAVUMscriptorium

But here you have it, a fun drawing something I have learned from and I am going to dive deep into color and patterns and clothing for a while in my personal work. I think I should be able to draw a character in a certain way when someone is asking me for that. Maybe you do like what I tried here since there are no corpses in this one. Oh and it is not violent either! This kind of is a new step in my life! A rather normal piece of art! That is something I like.. But I don't see it being published by Wizards of the Coast or something yet.
Expect me to redo this piece in the future. I would love to do this one in another scene, they can arrive in a city, and there are people in this city and there are so many things I could add to give it more of a touch with a certain culture. If you like I could write a piece about how I walk through that process. Just leave that below in the comments.

Anyhow, I hope you liked this little brain fart on the interweb and the drawing and as always:

Stay weird.



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