Choose your battles and draw swords! (artist edition)

Choose your battles and conquer the world.

Specialize and your horizon.

Good day to you again and welcome back. For those who haven't read anything from me yet, I am CAVUM from CAVUMscriptorium, an illustrative designer, born to lose, live to win.

Today I am going to keep it a bit shorter in comparison to my last article. This doesn't mean it isn't worth talking about. The topic is delivered to my by an interview I was listening to from Bobby Chiu. The question was if it was good to dive deep into a specialization or to do everything from books for children to the most obscure horror creatures and also make dolls. So I am going to talk about that a bit and how I am going to do this because I think many art schools are presenting the wrong idea about this, or at least are giving the impression of this wrong idea. 

Find your place

I am a firm believer in the homo universalis. We should know and do more than just one thing. Since we are creative minds I can't imagine we only want and are able to do just one thing. Every morning I wake up and have like a million things in my mind I would like to do.

As I said, at art school you are touching everything but you are not getting really awesome at anything. Before I went to art school I was an active member at One of my all time favorite forums to learn art. I wanted to learn about how I can create well made imagery and this was the place where one thing was sure: You have to know the basics and more to be able to communicate your message to you audience. This is why I try to make art studies as much as possible. I need to create convincing poses and find the right expression or dramatic use of light or color to create an atmosphere. With all these elements you are able to be like the magician who makes people feel or believe things. I think it is rather shocking how most published illustrations completely lack the skill and knowledge of composition, anatomy and even something as perspective or the use of light.

So focussing on the basics and learning how to draw makes you a good artist and after years of practice you know how to make beautiful portraits and landscape paintings and such. I mentioned you can play with several elements to tell your story in your image. That was a bit too early to mention but this is the second step you can and should focus on.

Think for yourself and don't follow the masses else you end up as bad as this
couch nazi shouting at the television.
copyright: CAVUMscriptorium
You are you, you are the artist although you are in the commercial field you do get hired because you are that boy or girl who likes to tell who you are, what you feel feel and represent. That is the luxury we get anno 2018. We don't have to draw pretty portraits anymore to show people how a politician looks like. Photography took that part so now we can be creative.
There are many fields you can work in and you can choose one of all those paths to explore just like I did with the music scene I still work in. Stoner/doom Metal, Death Metal, Trash Metal and so on and so forth. All fantastic genres where I could make a change on a visual level. But only because I know what I like and want and even more important, don't like. I made many posters and some cd cover artwork, Backdrops for festivals, fanzines, shirt designs and more. I explored the scene and kind of claimed my place.
This Realm was one to explore for some years but after drawing like a thousand corpses in the desert, in a bad trip or in space I feel like I could move to another realm to see what I can find over there.

New steps and construction businezzz.

After finishing some huge projects I fell in some kind of hole. I never thought I would experience something like this but the feeling of all the roads are open again are overwhelming. You could take a vacation or take some days off but I can't because there was a hole in 2017 that was quite terrifying.

Again, this is where you discover again how important it is to have a good base and style because I went back in my memory and figured there were many things I really liked to draw and in this time I opened the Dungeons and Dragons manuals again. Here I wrote my own new artistic goal. It is like a game with achievements to me. That way I stay away from the grey office vibe repeating myself over and over again. In other fields of the illustration spectrums are gems hidden you can combine with each other. So the things I learned of making posters I want to put in characters and scenes in fantasy and maybe sci fi art. I made the step to space before with Stoned Meadow of Doom festival 2017 and that was a fun experience and the results were really pleasing.

Backdrop Stoned Meadow of Doom 2017
copyright: CAVUMscriptorium
So my goal is to work for big compagnies and games as Wizards of the Coast or World of Warcraft or Warhammer. How amazing would that be?! But yes I know many of you guys are thinking that I am not a Wayne Reynolds or a Jesper Ejsing so I need to make some changes or improve things. So hell yeah, I am exited to do that. Making book illustrations or trading cards. Everything has it's time. Don't rush anything. I only fear the drawings that look too much like a previous one. That means I didn't draw something new and I am standing still. Maybe time to go to a new topic, and in this case to take a look in a different part of the illustration warzone.

The Future is called "having fun".

Do I believe in specialization? Yes, absolutely. Do I believe in being awesome at one thing for the rest of your life? No. That would be an insult to yourself. There are so many awesome things to do. That is why I choose this profession in the first place. I have the concentration span of an hamster so I am more than happy that I can work on more than just one piece of art. I don't like those projects that will take years and years and I discovered that the hard way. So why standing still with just making 2d illustrations? I would be bloody happy if there would be a possibility to make one of my characters suitable for some kind of action figure or maybe just a miniature or a small collector item statue thingy.

Here I placed a documentary about Moebius. One of the artists who never stood still in style or his creative process. I hope we all can relate to this in some level!

With this I would like to close this topic and if there are things you think I didn't cover you can leave it in the comments, I will get back to it in a future article! I am fighting a bad cold right now so I can imagine it was a bit messy or patchy. I hope you liked reading it anyway!

Thank you for your time and Stay Weird.


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