Update on how my tips worked out.

I promised you an update. Sorry it took a bit longer but there was not that much happening from the client side. So I did put all these tips in practice and there are some conclusions to be drawn from them.
Also there is a little positive breeze at the end of this post!

Selling stuff!

Yeah, I am making plans on this and I have the Threadless website going on. I even received my own design on a shirt! Looks great to be honest so please support the poor artists and buy things like this to get the CAVUMparty going. From this point more could happen.
The exhibition thing I am planning for example is a good base. I thought up I needed places where I could sell my shirts and other merchandise. I don't really think I am that internet artist type of guy to sell things. But I know some shops I can call to sell some shirts, and maybe some venues are interested. Just thinking on paper at the moment so you probably get to read some more in the future.

Me,my shirt and my poster
Exhibition plans

Yeah, I think next week things are going to happen in that direction. The fist exhibition I have I mentioned in my latest post. It is at the 14th of October at the Dieselburner CD release party. This is going to be as rock n roll as it gets! But I am not aiming with this as "my best exhibition party ever". It could get more heavy. My exhibition, some heavyass bands, maybe give it a festival like feeling and also if I could make it happen I would like to do live drawing. Entertain the audience and show them what I can do. Maybe if I am already doing things with a laptop and webcam and projections I could also stream it live. Because why not?
I am not saying it would be possible this year but maybe in the future I will get a real party going. So for those who like the real deal rock n roll like I do. You are most welcome to bang your heads just like some of you did at Wacken this weekend!

Anyhow, I am selling posters at this gig and I am planning to do some other merch too. I am confident some people are interested in supporting the poor. Since I figured I am profiling myself as a band I have to act like one, WITH merchandise. So here is where tip one and two blend.

Promotional poop people like.

I didn't have the time yet to make promotional items. So I am going to draw that today.
This is going to be a poster design I am going to print on a3 size and I can send to festivals and venues abroad. One thing is sure, I am going to put a buffalo skull in it. Mainly because I would really like to get to do something for Wacken Open Air. Next year I am probably going to visit the festival one more time. So it would be nice to spot my design somewhere over there.
So again, old school poster design for metal festivals. Why not? I have visited many and I know the intense feeling.
Also I wanted to print an old poster for the normies out there. Or maybe I will draw a new one since I have nothing to do. It is going to be a nicely designed promotional drawing in black and another color. Subtile and beautiful. That is what people should appreciate in my opinion. So for the publishers out there: expect a poster.

I am not keeping myself caught between the Dutch boarders. I fight for freedom on every level so I am sending this poster and emails to other countries too. The Netherlands should offer more to do to keep me here. Apparently most people are lame and sheep so I am only working why the cool non-sheeps! 

Sartre, Rick, Camus.
Some of the cool people.

Also in the news!

I finally got a new little project going. A CD cover. So I will try to do the best I can to make this an awesome thing again so I can add this to the list of CD covers I did. Hopefully I get more projects from here! Things really need to get moving don't you think? It gets a bit boring to read about me doing nothing all the time.

Second ting I wanted to say, So now and then I am going to stream on Facebook. This until I get a Twitch account working with a good laptop. It sucked noodles when I tried it yesterday.

Anyhow, hope to hear from you soon again.




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