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Morning practice

There are many people who do these "warming up drawings". I never understood this phenomenon because I don't need any warming up to draw. It is the same thing like writing to me. But I do hope that my drawings look better compared to my handwriting... Anyway, I decided to do something that would be something like warming up sketches. I started to do studies in the morning.
This morning: Andrew Loomis.

Study after working from Loomis.
Spread from my sketchbook.
Loomis was writing about different tones of light in different situations of light. I studied this and I am starting to understand how light acts outside and inside with different sources of light. So I picked up a book I got from the library form art school. They wanted to throw it away but it was a great book about how photography developed through time. Amazing photos to use as a reference, especially to use them as a study object. Photographers back in the day payed a lot of attention to how light worked in the moment. It was a completely different thing from now with all the "selfies" who you just take without thinking about what you really are doing.
This is something I didn't learn at art school at all. We learned that the image had to communicate the message in an original way. When it is original it is a good illustration. It is all about cool ideas. But HOW you were going to present your drawings to the public... well that was not really a thing. Now I am learning to think about how light is going to tell it's own story, what objects are around where light is going to reflect from (creating a weaker second light source on your main subject)
I also learned about composition and how the eye travels through your drawing. These are all things that can make a drawing interesting and readable. Also something I never really did in the past since I just putted a shitload of characters and objects in the illustration and you have to figure it out what to do with them. Interesting but now it's time to tame the chaos. Just let people think it is chaotic but I am going to try to guid you through the drawing without you knowing it! That is basically how composition works. So I am learning about that too. That is a heavy way to start your day don't you think? Well I don't really think that since it is nice to do while drinking a cup of tea and smoking my morning pipe and just pay attention to what I see.
From these studies I could start on this drawing below. This is where I put the things I learned in the mornings in practice. Every time I start a new drawing I learned more so I think every drawing should become better on a technical scale.

Movies and inspiration

Now you have read about a boring study where I was working on this morning. Sorry, I am not as hip as those Youtubers. They call it "my morning routine" where they wake up take a piss, put their clothes on, eat their breakfast and do the shit everyone else does. Eating, taking a dump, talking to people, doing their groceries, watching television or go to the movies. Sorry I am not that interesting and average. 
Also I don't want to tell you about make-up since I don't use it, I accept the fact I am a ugly fuck. I try to compensate that with good art. I also don't want to tell you how to do any life hacks because most of them are useless or you are not going to use them anyway. Also I am not going to do any stupid stuff or pranks or tell you about traveling. Leave making moving imagery to the professionals and dads for the home video's. So lets talk about some movie inspiration.

There are good movies and there are inspirational movies for me as an artist. I really hate the horror hack and slash movies these days. The same concept over and over again. So when we talk about inspirational movies from the horror scene I would like to mention: Silent Hill.
You may disagree with me on this but I don't think the movie is that great. I can tell it is based on the game and throughout the movie I got the feeling like I wanted to be the one that controls the main character and guide him or her through the weird city. Here comes the great aspect of the movie.
You want to explore the city and you want to understand the background of the characters and monsters. This is a great inspiration, you catch elements of the background and remind them and maybe you see openings or things you would have done differently in your own designs.

So why should you watch a movie and not just the concept art or play the video game? 
A movie shows you the moving creatures and environment. When you play a game you don't always get the chance to look at how things look like or move. There are exemptions!!! I will talk about this later on.  So movies create a great atmosphere, I know some colleagues who watch movies while drawing or sketching. It is just some time that gives a great input on what you do. To give you an example. Silent Hill Revelations had a creature made from mannequin parts. I really like the porcelain look of the material and was wondering how it would look when someone had several thick layers of skin like that on their face and body? This was how I came to this poster design below.

Dutch and European Stoner Rock poster design.
Bands: Komatsu, An Evening With Knives and Durango.
I think the most loved disfigured creature from the Silent Hill movies is the Nurse who had this swollen mutilated face. But they look way too attractive and they didn't look that tormented. I thought the grey children were a lot more interesting. The skin twisted around the skull and body that made it hard to move and look around. So then I thought about opium and absinthe. The perfect and gothic way to get really f*cked up. I know the stories and visuals of people who had the feeling the skin was melting off or hanging loose. This was what I tried to put in the drawing, characters who looked deformed, with a bit to much skin hanging from their body who were protected by some kind of really big creature created by hallucinations, or is it an hallucination and not just a reality we can't see? ;).
As you can see, there is no direct link to the Silent Hill movies but I definitely took elements and inspiration from them and mixed them up with other thoughts and ideas. So I have to say it is not bad to take an evening off to watch a movie or check some episodes of your favorite series.
Talking about series:
Rick and Morty Fan art.
30th of July! NEW EPISODES!
Rick and Morty, the perfect series to laugh about the painful truth. It is not a direct inspiration in style or what I do but it is a mindset I really like and miss in society these days. Check it out at adult swim.


Work hard on your technical skills. You can't go wrong with it. There is always something you can learn and if not you can practice the skills you already have. Practice makes you better and also faster. When you can make art faster you can earn more money OR put more details and effort in a piece to shine. The detail option is more my style.
Also, take time to look around. We all live in modern times so we have acces to the most amazing things. So stop watching cat videos and make art your bitch! There are better things to do! I know I work too much but I do what I love and as long as I can! It would be a shame when you die knowing you could have done better or more.  So pick up your pencil and sketchbook and start watching a movie while doodling around on your pages with the knowledge you earned in the morning!


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