Studying art and my day.

Studying art and my day.

Guiding the eye

Everyday I am studying and reading about all kinds of things. Yesterday I wrote about colors and the importance of light. So today I will write a bit about light.
I watched Eraserhead once again and this still is one of my favorite movies. Not only because it is a great weird story nobody seem to understand but also because every shot is beautifully taken. That is why I took a movie still from this master piece of David Lynch.

David Lynch - Eraserhead

Andrew Loomis called this the Big Tone Approach. It sounds easy but it is not that easy as I first expected it to be.
First of all I had to find the light source. In this case there are two. The one in the back, the lamp, and there is one you can't see. This one is behind the viewer and shines from the left/front of the scene. This source is less bright then the one behind. Or most likely more remote. Now I found the light sources we can find the shadows and see why they are where they are. In between the highlight and the black shadow is the grey aria and here is where the magick happens. Well.. magick.. it is more nature then magick. Here I have to play around with tone pallets.

pencil study

Black grey white.

more tones added
When I first started studying and reading about the tonal spectrum in Loomis I rather panicked. It is just so much abstract stuff and (to me) really hard see what is happening in the examples. But for those who work with his books, and maybe other great artists like Bridgman and Gurney, I have to give the advice that is written on the first page of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: Don't Panic.
Just start studying the pieces, and not only the examples in the books but look for other photos and paintings that look similar to what is in the book or where you can find the studying subject rather clearly. While looking for these images you learn to recognize the problem you are studying so that is one step closer to understanding it. After that just start drawing or painting. Make all the mistakes you can because that is the only way to know how you shouldn't do it and what you did wrong. After you made the mistakes you will probably never make that mistake again. Try to ask feedback on your work from other artists. has a great forum to share your artwork to and get great feedback form colleagues.

My daze.

First of all, today I discovered that Social Influencer is a existing thing. Yeah, I know, I am not up to date at all. But I heard about it before but I thought it was a joke. Damn it you people, this is not a thing. Social Influencer appears to be a term for people who do normal things but pretend to be extremely special. Usually popular people on social media. So it is bullshit, don't listen to them and go read a book.
With that said now some cool things I do as a "social influencer". I wake up, eat food and make art. I am really happy that my CAVUMscriptorium page on Facebook is starting to get a bit more response, no thanks to Facebook and I like working with blogger more. But I do get to reach to other countries a bit more easy. That is a great thing about the internet. Although there is a lot of distraction and crap to be found you can use it as a tool to reach out to others and show them your work.
I heard the stories of illustrators back in the days who had to go to compagnies with a huge portfolio filled with beautiful expensive prints. It was hard to get your work out there and exposure was a heavy thing. Those days are over. You don't have to do artwork for exposure alone since you can create your own exposure these days. But it is a weird thing to do and there is a lot of white noise in the digital world. I still can't figure why people like cat videos more then a good written article or a beautiful illustration or news about new record releases and discovering new bands.
I try to be as selective as possible in the things I see these days.

That was the social media topic now for my workflow moment. As you know I try to work as efficient as possible and I do have trouble focussing for a long time lately. Partly because of the heat. I hate hot sweaty days and I hate summer because of that. Most people love the summer because they can go on vacation or enjoy the sun (haha sun, the The Netherlands. Very warm moist days are upon us!) and most important: Do nothing. I am in the position I can't do nothing, and I have to do something. When I don't have any illustration projects going I don't earn any money! When I do have these projects, I have to do them in the heat so there is no way I can win this.
But anyhow, how I tried to manage my time. It appeared to be pretty easy. A timer!
I work for 30 minutes and then I take a 5 minute break, walk around, grab something to eat or drink and then continue working. This appears to be pretty effective! Mainly because I felt terrible the last few days. Stressed out way too much about the fact that I don't have any illustration jobs at the moment and I do have to earn some money.
But I discovered something, the festival season is going on full force right now. Bands are on tour and there are venues and compagnies who do have a summer break. So I maybe it is not a weird thing not having any jobs coming my way these summer months. In the Autumn, Winter and Spring I work for the festival season and new releases who bands are going to promote in Spring and Summer on festivals and other events. So maybe I should look for projects that are going to happen in the winter period. Also I would love to do book covers and such too, those are projects who go on forever.
This realization gave me a bit more piece and I am recovering at this very moment. How do I recover from an overload of stress and pressure? Well by making art. Just don't think about it and go on doing where I am made for. So I have to thank you all who support me, you keep me alive!

Thank you!!!

I think I will keep it with this since I bothered you enough for today! Hope you did find it a good read and if you like you can follow me! If you have any questions, suggestions or just a comment, just do it. I would be more then happy to read and reply to them!

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