Let's restart this again, an illustrators update from the battlefront.

Making illustration my bitch! Fuck yeah!

Nope, I'm done with Facebook.

Sorry for my absence lately, after my grandmother died some months ago it was hard to start things up again. My schedule was and still is rather messed up but things are getting back on track slowly. Also, Facebook f*cked me over once again so I am going old school. When you want regular updates you should be check out this blog! Subscribe or bookmark it whatever you want! It is going to be rad.

If anyone has any advice on what camera I should buy please leave it here in the comments, I can reply over here, not on Facebook. What I am planning to do with the camera is making pictures of several things I am working on or the things I think that is interesting. So more imagery on this blog from now on.


On the bright side, I did do a lot of stuff and there are some great things coming up so let me give you an update on everything!

Stoned Meadow of Doom festival 2017
First of all I had to do some exciting new things. You probably know me from drawing that scary type of medieval stuff. Roadburn forced me (in a positive way) to look further and I started to look at the post apocalyptic things so that was one step further from what I am doing. This was a step that brought me further than I expected. After exploring this for a while I got in contact with Stoned Meadow of Doom Festival.
Maybe you know the Youtube channel already, if not and you do like heavy blues and sludge and stoner and everything that is heavy and slow you should check it out and find some great new releases. 2017 appears to be a good year for new releases.

So Stoned Meadow of Doom. Still one band to be announced but the lineup already seems promising don't you think? I am actually really proud on this design job since this was a 2016 goal I gave up. One of these goals was to get my artistic foot on American soil. With a small delay, but I still did it!

Stoned Meadow of Doom Festival 2017 Poster.


The 8th of June something else happened too. It was my birthday... I'm 28 years old now.. There are people who are fighting against getting older. I think that is called the Peter Pan Syndrome. You can't stand the idea of getting older and more adult or something. I don't know about you guys but I don't suffer from that. The only think I fear is dying before I get everything done I have in mind. I love to make art and I am not at the point I dare to say I am great and I can teach other people. I am working from the books of Andrew Loomis, Bridgman and Hogarth again to improve my drawing skills. So it is not time for me to go.
About the learning. I discovered I am taking a lot of time figuring out how to use light and shadow and how it works with different textures. At my birthday I got money to buy something nice for myself and I had the most awesome meerschaum pipe in mind to buy. I still want one of those since they appear to smoke perfectly and they keep on changing color while smoking them through time.
But then I stood before another one of my works in progress. This was the moment I make the choice to be responsible and buy the much needed art books. I had to improve my skills and I can already see results!
But the shadow side of working on this is the "how I am able to find the time to do this?" I don't have much to do lately besides a huge project where I am working on and some personal stuff.

Portrait studies black and white. No pencil sketches before inking.

Hogarth: Dynamic Light and Shade

Hogarth study with some color. 
But let's not stand still. I had some email contact with the most kind and an extremely talented artist, JAW Cooper. You probably heard about her before and if not  you should definitely check her out. She makes the most amazing work and is one of the kindest persons I ever had contact with in the professional field.
She gave me advice about materials and techniques where I could do the things I do in photoshop in real life too. So expect paintings from me in the future! She also said every artist goes trough hard times in their existence as an artist. That is something that is totally true especially when you just kicked off as an artist. Something you have to accept in your life now is that things are never going to be easy, Nietzsche is going to be so proud!
Live your life to the fullest, and fullest means the most productive you can and do what you love and be good at it!

JAW Cooper


Before I end this entry I wanted to talk about something else! I can do things for normal people you know! Another dream of mine came true. I got to design a beer label. A special limited edition party beer for the Solaes brewery. To make things even more exciting, there are more labels in the future. I am doing the special edition labels for them. For the beer lovers: you haven't tasted beer like this. I can't even compare it with other beers. It's just fantastic. Small brewery but amazing stuff. You should visit it when you are around. So here I present to you one of my more happy designs:

Solaes party beer

With all this said I think I gave you a bit of an update. I think I am going to put a new entry every day to reflect on what I have done from now on. I am going to leave Facebook for what it is for a while since over here I can be a lot more clear about what I am doing and I think I can reach a lot more people via this medium.
The true people are here! The lovers, the artists, the metal heads, the stoners, the haters, everyone!

Thank you for your support and hope I will read some of your replies below!

Kind regards,



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