3 tips to create your own jobs as a illustrator.

Sick of it...

Okay, as you can see I am sick of not having any jobs at the moment. So let's talk about some options I have left to create my income. Pay attention since you can use this too! Or maybe you think that I suck noodles at this, then feel free to leave a comment with some advice!


First option, sell your special products.

CAVUM merchandize! Yeah like bands, posters, shirts and stuff. I still have some posters left for sale from my birthday. I am glad to see people are in fact interested in buying posters! This week I even send one to Switzerland, so my art is to be found over there too in some days. Europe with all the open boarders and free minded lies appeared to be a lot more closed then expected, I don't want to hear any European judging the US anymore since we are assholes too. Had to fill in a form to ship it outside the EU and they wanted to know everything for customs.
Anyway I searched for printing t-shirts. But this is just a expensive business for me. I don't have that much of an audience yet to sell a things like this. So maybe in the future I will do this myself and also ship and sign them with my own hands. But I did find a way for you to buy my artwork on a shirt! There are these websites like Threadless.com who sell shirt designs made by artists all over the world. You don't have to do anything, just putting your design online and you get payed a bit for every sold item. So this is a way for me to spread my artwork on wearable things! I ordered one for myself so I will make a picture as soon as I got it here so you can see what we are dealing with.
So if you want to support this artist: https://scriptorium.threadless.com please take a look over here. Maybe you can find something you really like. There will be more design work in this page soon!

This poster is still up for sale. Just 15,- Euros(ex.shipping)
size: a1
Interested? Quickly send an email to trommelart@gmail.com
I am almost out!
So these are two things I did to earn some money, selling stuff. But I am not just designing things to sell at this moment. Threadless is not a guaranteed succes story. So I am going to recycle drawings for these shirts and other accessories. Every artist has these failed sketches and/or drawings they couldn't use for that certain client. Well here is your chance to make something awesome. Also used some designs on posters where  I didn't get payed for. Maybe now I can use the drawings for shirt designs too. Just take a look around, there is value in everything you made!

Second option, Exhibitions!

An exhibition. Yes it is time. I already have one scheduled for the 14th of October in Baroeg (Rotterdam). It is at the release party of Dieselburners Taueret. The band thought it would be a good idea to have an exhibition at that evening too since I did the cover art for this freshly pressed record. At this evening I am going to sell poster art too. Hopefully I am get a lot of artwork sold so I can kick some ass. But that depends on you! So be there so you can witness me making art my bitch!

14th of October at BAROEG Rotterdam

Exhibitions are personal, complex and risky things. Well, I feel like they are. How can you make exhibitions a succes and when do you have a successful exhibition? First of all, you need to know who your audience is. Who do you want to reach and what do they like? This is a question you always need to ask yourself but it never gets easier to reach and understand them. Just like Black Metal is Black Metal but to many music lovers there is Black Metal and a different kind of music they really can't stand. So where do you belong and who do you want to reach? Earn that spot!
In my case I want to make art for festivals, bands, concert venues and merchandise. So what do we need to get music lovers at your exhibition? A band, and not some super clean gallery. I make posters and cd covers, I can't sell this as paintings or high end artwork. Those people with thousands and thousands of euros are not going to buy a poster from me to hang above their couch. They want great paintings. So I want to reach "normal" people. People who like music and the identity that goes with it. So for the location I am looking for concert venues and bars where there is beer and a open atmosphere. I don't want people talking about what brush I used or why I put what color where. Just like you can visit a great concert. You like it because it sounded awesome, not because they played everything flawless. Of course there are the type of bands who play with technique as a base but I can enjoy them too without looking at their hands moving all the time and thinking about how they do it. You can talk about that with your colleagues. Same with my artwork. I talk about difficult things with them. You only have to like it and want to put it on your wall.

So I want to attract the people who like cool poster art and what more?

I don't just focus on one group of people. There are potential clients in the room too and I invited them to come over. When you visit a concert there are many people who play in a band too. So if there is one person from a band present who is working on a new album then that could be YOUR chance! Also I am going to invite some people form magazines and bands to visit the show and exhibition. That is good for both me and the bands! So this is a great opportunity to shake hands and share your business cards. The problem with these type of exhibitions is that I don't invite people to come over to see my work. There is a band, and most people are coming for a nice evening with friends and beer. So be sure you schedule everything a bit so you can speak the people you want to speak to.

Third option, think of promotional material.

Okay, I am in deep shit. I don't have any projects going and therefore no income. Why is that? Not because I am a extremely bad artist. This is because people don't know you exist! That is why you need promotional material. I used my network to place an advert in a whole new spectrum of what I am doing. The reason why I wanted to study illustration is because I always wanted to do a book cover. So why not place an advertisement in a magazine about literature and Dutch language?
It sounds pretty old school but I figured that I should call potential clients too and maybe even go to them with your portfolio under your arm. I don't know what the effect of that is going to be but I can at least try it!
Also I finally did go for Instagram.. I really don't like all these forms of social media but apparently it works... So for now I should work with these things. But I keep Facebook low level from now on. Just reposting things I do on other social media. Facebook is for old people.
Let's just be creative at this point. You can't really go wrong so I am just going to design something cool, maybe a coaster again or something.
Just make things happen. We are creative minds and we need to sell ourselves. Maybe it feels a bit weird but as an illustrator you are a company, so why not make commercials, advertisements or posters for yourself? Te more people know who you are the better. Even more important they need to know what you do and that you take clients!

check out this monster line-up!


No one is waiting for me or you. We are not important to anyone, no one exists on purpose and the universe is not going to give a crap about you and your art. So we have to do it ourselves. Microsoft or Apple didn't grew by itself either. Well... apples do grow by itself on trees but you understand what I am trying to say. 
Tomorrow I will do some calls and design some stuff to send to people. Maybe things will change! I will write a review about what I experienced by doing all of this! So for those who are interested, you should keep an eye open for the next piece I write since there are going to some more conclusions about me putting these tips into practice!


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