Rainy days and our water colored life...

Rainy days and our water colored life..

Everyone knows those days where a shadow is falling on your life. Trouble you relationship, arguments with friends, problems with money, stress and even loss of a loved one.
Sadly, the last one was what I had to experience. But how do you react to this while being a freelance artist? How do you react when your head is not working at all for the creative business?

Good is not always happy

My world stopped.

After a heavy night being with a family member you love died things are completely different for you as a person and your family. Losing someone has a big impact on your life and the world stopped turning. A lot had to be arranged and it took about a week to get everything done. You probably know the procedure of losing someone.. It was a week of grief and everything stopped.
That is why I didn't post anything for a while. Something like keeping my blog up to date was not one of my priorities and I am only doing this because I like to write things from the warzone also known as the illustration industry. But here comes a downside of being a freelance artist.

The rest of the world didn't stop at all...

You are the owner of a one man business and as an illustrator you are doing everything. The entire creative process is resting on your shoulders until there is finally a product. After this creative product is there you have to think of the invoice and more of that kind of stuff to make sure you get payed for the work you did.
My family and I knew this was going to happen. There had to be a sad end. But you never know when this moment is going to happen. That is why it still came unexpected and I didn't sat still at all in the time before this dark event. When you are working at a factory or for a bank or whatever you can take some days off, take some time for yourself. People can take some of your work for a while and after you had the time to get things back on track and then you can continue with your life at work again. As an illustrator you can not completely ignore everything. No one who works as a freelancer can do this.
It was sad to send emails to clients to say I couldn't make the deadline because of what happened. Now for some projects I knew it wouldn't be a problem but there was one poster design I had to finish. I promised this and the event was already approaching fast. I thought I could do something in between things but I couldn't.. I couldn't focus at all so I just did something easy. Like sewing patches on my jacket.
some days after the funeral the deadline for this poster project was there and I didn't have anything new..

Original personal piece
By: CAVUMscriptorium
Think forward.
This is something you should never hope for of course, but you have to keep in mind bad events do always come as a unwanted present you can't decline. This time it was the sad loss of someone in the family, but you can also catch a really bad cold or you hit your finger with an hammer while putting your best work, framed, on your wall! These are all things that could hold back on you as a professional artist.
Keep in mind weekends, holidays, summer break or whatever are not for you anymore unless you schedule the days but the unexpected things you can not schedule. To prevent problems with deadlines for posters or whatever you mainly create I always keep some drawings apart. Personal pieces but usable as a poster or a backdrop or maybe even a cd cover or whatever you had in mind for it. This way you have the chance to deliver a good piece of art to a client and making your deadline.

Is this bad?

Final poster design for Musicon and Dutch and European Stoner Rock
By: CAVUMscriptorium
No, I don't think it is bad. Not in every case it is. It would be weird or bad if you are building some kind of personal stock images databank where you can just pull out every drawing you would like for a project. I would not do this for big or very important projects. But if you have to deliver a poster very quick for one gig and you have the perfect drawing already made before. Why wouldn't you use it? I personalized this one played with the colors and typography. 
It is not like I didn't pay any attention to the drawing or concept or evening at all. You just did all the illustration work before. You already spend your time on the drawing. Now you are playing a different character in the design process. When you changing your drawing for that certain client you are adding text, logo's and other information. At this moment you are more of a Graphic Designer. That is a job too you know! (ha-ha I made a funny. It is not all sadness and heavy times)


Here I told you a bit how I did deliver my artwork on time during heavy times. But how am I doing? I am not numb for feelings. This entry is about how you need to do things as a professional after all. Afterwards I heard that I didn't had to make the deadline on that day. It wouldn't have been a problem If I had finished the drawing later. But I try to be as professional as possible even in hard times. When bad things happen in your life, it is your problem, not somebody else's. That is how I see it anyway.
I have to say thank you to all the support I got from both clients and friends. The people I work with are the best I can imagine. I always feel it is "our" project and not their project and I have to make a quick drawing for it too. That is a big rewarding thing as an artist. Be a part of something good and work with the best people who appreciate you as an artist and as a human being.

So again thank you for your support! I mention some links below to give some exposure to those clients I was talking about above.

Kind regards,



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