EXTRA ENTRY, What am I doing these daze?

There are a lot of terrible things happening in this world at this very moment. We can all agree on this. I don't care if you like or dislike that weird American guy or what religion you think is best. I closed my doors for all of this and wait 'till everything is over.
That is why I am reaching out to you guys. We are Illustrators or enthusiasts and maybe even collectors. We know better, we design our own world. In my case, some kind of weird dystopia.

So today I am going to ramble a bit about what I want to achieve as an illustrator and make this not that heavy.

I know nothing? I think...

It's always important to know what you are going to do. Else you are not sailing in any direction.
At art university I did not learn what I wanted but all the things I didn't. So what remained were all the things they didn't mention. Also known as the hard way. Well, more of another hard way. You can go for books for children. That is quite hard these days. But the reason for this is simple too. There are way to many people who are drawing for children!! Stop it!

Poster for Baroeg Rotterdam.
Small venue, great bands.
Poster design: CAVUMscriptorium

What am I doing?!

But anyway, what do I want? First of all I would like a beer and I am going to fix that tomorrow.
Second thing I would like is to finish the book project where I am working on. I know that I am working on something that the world has never seen before. Ofcourse I want to finish the work I do for Roadburn Festival and visit the festival this year again (so be there all of you lovers of heavy blues!)
These are all examples of things I am currently working together with some other poster designs and other illustration work. So that is great for now and I appreciate all these things a lot. I love making art like this and I surely have to thank you for paying attention to it. I know I am not the most friendly in my artwork in this world.
A few months ago I still was working from a religious perspective, commenting on morality. After all this time working from that perspective it was appeared to be time to move on. So I did and I went deeper into the weird world of art. When I was writing about artists who inspire me I discovered several artists as Nicola Samori and Zdzislaw Beksinski who are showing us worlds way beyond believe. We live in that world we all deny. I am sure about that. The fact that we are panicing about everything at the moment is because we are starting to see the tip of the iceberg. I feel responsible to let you take a peek into even more darker realms of the mind. So I dug deeper into my mind and looking for my fears and uncanny places using modern day object and gave them symbolic value like I did before with medieval drawings.

What would I like to do in the future?

This is something you should always keep your eyes on. What you are doing now is important but while you are working on your current project you should be thinking about the future too. What is your next step going to be? You don't want to be that artists who is always drawing the same thing do you? It is a journey!
The thing I discovered in my own work is the amount of dead people in my drawings. I know this is part of the dystopian dream but death is not the worst that can happen. Plus it is hard to be original with this all the time. It is complicated to draw all kinds of warnings and complex drawings who suit the band or bands who are playing. Nothing wrong with that but sometimes it would be cool just to draw a cake for a bakery. Make beautiful things is good illustration work too! I would like to be able to draw something sweet. Or at least get the chance to explore that part of the illustrative world.
So I would like to draw something beautiful. That is one thing I want to do.
But what else do I like?
After I got into the Roadburn Festival art crew I had a huge problem. My goal at that point was within about 10 years I could do something for that festival. It appeared to be that I already was at that level 3 years ago and I started doing digital posters, backdrops and the fanzine. So now what? I already reached that goal! 
It is a luxury, now I have the chance to explore the things I wouldn't like to do in the first place. I think I can enjoy myself for a while by drawing food and other products for sale. Maybe drawing for a nature related thing. Then I can practice my landscape drawings and plants.
Why should I do things like that? I wouldn't like to do draw these type of things all the time. Still life drawings or landscape drawings or something like that are not challenging my storytelling skills. But the drawings of scenery and objects could help me build experience in just drawing objects. It expends my skills of adding stuff and become faster at drawing. For example, today I got the idea to draw a maggot. Now I saw maggots before in my life but no way I knew how to draw them. I had to look for pictures of maggots. How do they crawl, what kind of maggot would be suitable for this drawing, is there enough space inside the maggot to draw my idea? I studied this for some time and made some sketches and now I was ready to go. Maybe next time I have to draw a very tasty cake in a certain concept. Then I have to start this whole research thing again while these are things who are all around us in our every day life. It is not like you see maggots every day but things like food and coffee and other drinks are here. But when I don't have a reason or time to draw this I wouldn't do this. So projects like that would be nice to expend my horizon in several ways.
When I get projects like that I am going to look further.

Other things I would like to do are designing more leather patches! Maybe you remember my patch design from a while ago. I have the idea of designing animals and make several products engraved in leather. But I don't know what exactly what I am going to do whith this.

Oh! I would like to do more common things for sale. Now I am only drawing extremely almost painting like posters. But I think it would be nice for you guys to see some nice postcards, buttons and other stuff of my work. For those who know me a bit, I am not one of those guys who is just going to print cards and other stuff for sale, it is going to be something special. I printed my art on wood for a while so expect postcards on wood or a combination of prints on wood and things engraved in leather. I have the contacts!

What you DIDN'T LEARN...

This is something you don't learn at art university. That is why I am telling you this.
It is important to have a good network of people who can become a possible client or who know other people who could use your skills as an artist. But I think we missed an even more important part of the illustrative industry. Where are you going to print your stuff? What are you going to do when your client is asking for screen printed posters or shirts? Print them by yourself while you can do another project in the same time? Or do you print your postcards around the corner while there is a better printshop a few streets further away.
Talk with your printshop about what you are doing. Everything is possible one way or another. So don't be ashamed for your plans. Put them on social media when you don't have any idea about how you are going to do things. People in your friend list know more useful people then you know. Important people are everywhere but the most important people are close to you. The ones who don't think like you in a creative- but in a practical way. You don't always have to think outside the box, other people can help you with the things you don't know. The best advice I can give you about this is don't try to figure all these technical difficulties out by yourself. You are way to expensive for your own business to figure out all of these things. In the worst case scenario you produced ugly prints or bad engravings or postcards and wasted a lot of material and time and you can't sell those items you just produced. Those people are skilled craftsmen who do this as their job. So keep that in mind, it probably is more expensive to do it yourself. Unless you would like to do things yourself and make it your profession, but that is a different chapter.

I think I wrote enough for an extra post now! Hope you think this was useful and you enjoyed reading.

Tomorrow a new Illustrative struggle you probably find quite interesting!

Kind regards,



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