Amazing artists I discovered this week #9

Aah, something to read again at Sunday.

A dynamic week. Political bullcrap, the world is still burning and announcements of more cutting in finances for art in the Netherlands. So I wanted to talk about the importance of art while discussing a new artist of this week!
Another artist that inspires me and made me focus on the narrative part in my characters. Also someone who approaches the dystopian part of life. I think these artists are very important these days. They reflect how the world looks like without a Instagram filter and I would like to join this movement. So please say hello to Piotr Jabłoński, an artist for those who don't like to look through pink glasses!

Dumb face gang.By:Piotr Jabłoński

Small introduction.

Jabłoński is a Polish concept artist who has clients from all over the world. He is active for about 12 years now. Interesting fact, he is a self tough artist. This proves you don't have to go to school to become a great artist. Just keep on doing what you love.
He studied architecture and Urban Planning on the Technical University of Bialystok.

Jimmy the Astro
By: Piotr Jabłoński

Walking the darker roads again.

Once a teacher told me about a pretty happy dead bunny I drew, that 'this was the most happy thing she ever saw made by me'. Well I guess you are not going to see any happy drawings or paintings in this list either. As you can see this is the dark part of life again. Surreal scenes that reminds you of the darkest nightmares you can get. Maybe in some cases they are the cause of your nightmares.

That is the thing I really love about these artists. We all know happiness and joy and we all are trying to show this on social media. 'Look at me! I am the happiest person alive!!!' Now the artist I love are like: 'Fuck you, here is your reality when you close your eyes. Try to smile when you wake up after this.' It is easy to disturb people but make them remember that certain image is a step further. I think this artist does that without any doubt. But I have to mention that we are not the saddest, depressed persons alive. We actually smile a lot and enjoy doing things like this.

This type of dark imagery are usually used as conceptart for horror type of games. You probably know DOOM and other games like that where you wander through a world where monsters are all about killing you. The jump scare element is funny for once but it gets boring pretty fast. So these concept artists are challenged to create darker and more evil disturbing ambiences in this altered reality. Same thing goes with movies. I think the jump scare horror movies are being replaced by movies that get under your skin at this moment. We have to thank concept artists with this fucked up mind for this. But not only horror movies but also several comics like Batman are getting a lot darker and we all know movies like Hellboy and such who used concept artists who crawled in the darker places. A reflection of the world we live in maybe?

By: Piotr Jabłoński

Where do we live?

There are some questions you should ask yourself as an illustrator and this is one of them. Where does this story take place? This has a huge impact on the character. The environment gives the character more depth and you can understand the reason of the creatures existence. Why does he or she wear the clothes he/she or it wears? Even the body type and color of the eyes can be related to the natural habitat of this creature.
When I researched Piotr Jabłoński I found something what appeared to be more than a perfect example. One of the characters can't even exist without his environment. Tomcat is a small series of paintings with two child like characters and a appearance that lives on the walls as a huge cat wall painting that walks along with the two other people with helmets.
They appear to live in a world without (a lot of) people. Some kind of post apocalyptic feeling where this cat lives with these two kids. Maybe an imaginary friend that keeps them going. As you can see just two characters and a weird existing being in an environment can create a whole story and with this little series you can get to know these characters better.  
Tomcat 4
By: Piotr Jabłoński
There you have it, we are not all dark figures in depressive little worlds of our minds. We like to play with things without following trends. We crate worlds who can show the the worst and those who live in there who can make this world a better place. In some way we are those who are making the best in a world of terror. That is something I could use in a future drawing.
I think I could use some environmental studies to get more involved with my own drawings. As I already said in the entry about Maarten Donders I need to put more background story to the illustrations I do. The more questions you can answer about the illustration the more complete your story is. But I don't want to overdo this. Your audience needs to fill in their own parts too or else your masterpiece is going to be a boring piece of good skills.

Something else!

Maybe you heard something about this already. Since we are talking about concept art and other extremely inspirational design work I can not, not mention this. Spectrum 24 in 2017!! A new art book where you can find the absoute best of the best. I am really amazed by all these artists who are published by them. John Flesk is one of those people who know how to put out great art in a extremely well designed book filled with the best.
It's a dream to get to that level. Buying a book like this is both terribly intimidating as a motivation. I always get that feeling of 'I want to do that too!' and then I look at my own drawings and I am like.. 'crap... not ready for that at all' but this motivated me to dive into the books again and work on new skills. So my goal is to get in this in 2018 or 2019. Please support me in this and promote me to make me create even more awesome art!

Well this was about it for today, hope you like the read, and leave a comment for questions or whatever you want to say. Don't hesitate!

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