The illustrative struggle journal #3

The past few days I feel like I am not as productive as I should be. But so now and then I notice that I am producing more art and working more efficient when looking at the pile of drawings I made in the past month. But yesterday I was not feeling that productive. I started and finished a drawing and I am quite happy with the result. Yes, I do one drawing a day, and F you when you think I am not working hard enough. Check out my portfolio and look at the images, then you know why I am not able to do one drawing a day. But I feel like I can do more in some way.
I send an update of a huge book project to my client a few days ago and they were really enthusiastic about this. This wanted me to finish the book even more and even faster so I think that is one thing that gave me this feeling. Besides that, I have to do so many things.. Most of them are not going to make me rich but that doesn't matter. This project is going to make me proud.

Book progress in indesign
I can do more!
When you feel like you can do more or better don't feel bad about yourself. There is no time for that! just do things different. Change is the remedy. We are all looking for different things in life but happiness is that something we are all looking for. I really don't want to go back to a 'regular' job. That is why I have to work as I am able to stay in the position where I am.
So I changed something. I woke up at 04.30. Yeah I know, you probably heard about this already. It was on TEDx, but that guy had a good point! You can change things and reach more people, and I am doing this right now.

Waking up this early was not that easy. I woke up pretty tired because I didn't go to bed at the right time. This is my own fault so I have to deal with that. So now what? I woke up early. Huzzah my life has changed. But I am not increasing my productivity yet. I still don't feel like I can start drawing without any effort. This is a completely different thing. My mind still is quite foggy.
I know some artists start the day with startup sketches and drawings to get the feeling again. I actually never did one. Every day I just start drawing. Finishing things that are not that hard to finish or start sketching on this new idea but I never felt like I had starting problems with my lines or the way I am drawing things.

Clear your mind
But when I don't have to do warming up sketches... How do I clear my mind then? I can give you some examples now like drawing your journal. I know a friend of mine draws his life to put things in place. I know people start the day with a run to clear their mind. Everyone has a different way to do this. I feel like Alain de Botton once said he started the day with some tweets. Just some thoughts that were there when he woke up. This helps you to get things out of your mind. Maybe you noticed that once you wrote down something you got it out of your system. The same thing with therapy, you are talking to get things out of your mind. Once you got it out you heard your own thoughts and then you can place it back in the place where it should be. It doesn't matter when you draw your journal, write it down or speak it out it is a way to get it out of your system. You cleared the fog in your mind.
I said that some people started with some exercises to start the day like jogging some miles or going to the gym of even for a walk. That is kind of the same thing. When you go for a walk or start running you are confronted with you and you alone. Then you can think about things without being disturbed. So that way you are cleaning up your mind too. I think dr. Breuer and dr. Freud would be proud of my thoughts right now.

Ritual Festival 2017 art poster.
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How am I doing this?
So how am I cleaning up my mind? Well by writing to you. I woke up really early to spend some time away from everyone. Nobody is online yet, my girlfriend is still asleep, I don't have to worry about anything yet because I woke up before the day started. Now you can say I didn't change anything because I have to go to bed earlier in the evening. So in fact I didn't change anything. I am awake for the same amount of hours and now I am not using these hours for art! Yeah, true. But in the evening I am not working anyway. I try, but I don't work that well in the evening while my girlfriend is by herself drinking tea and watching a movie. When people are enjoying their time all around me on Facebook and other social media. So why not use my time while awake and alone to make things right. I feel like I can do things while listening to Tom Waits in the morning now.
So my message to you is: Take your time to think about your own life and how you are doing things. You can change a lot with a few small steps. You are standing before a huge wall filled with shelves filled with things you can add to your life, you just have to pick them up and do something with them! Oh and another hint. The interesting things are on the top shelf. You have to try harder to get those life changing elements!

I wish you all a great and productive day and week.
Thank you for your time and see you at my next entry.


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