Amazing artists I discovered this week #6

Today I wanted to approach something outside my natural habitat. Since we are looking at other artists for inspiration I would like to talk about some illustrators who do completely different things than I do. But since this is MY blog and I am the king over here I didn't just took some random colleagues. The two illustrators I am going to talk about did in fact had an influence on me and are the reason why I am writing blog entries like this.

The first artists I am going to talk about is Holly Exley. She is an illustrator from the UK and worked her way up through social media and knowing what she wants to do. Food illustrations, plants and animals are the main thing you can expect from her. When you look for a light atmospheric watercolor painter as an illustrator you are at the right address.
Holly is different than most illustrators and that is what I think is interesting about her. She has a youtube channel where she talks about her life as an illustrator. I am not that much into Vlogging myself but she explores this medium in a good way. Most Youtubers are doing weird stuff or scream a lot or do some of those "DIY" (do it yourself) video's but that is not helpful in any way. Holly is one of those people who shares her own experiences in her life. We probably all know the struggles and it is nice to see or read how other people deal with that. In the video below we can see a good example of how she takes a common problem in the industry and how she deals with it.

When you are interested in her part of the artist life you could take a peek into her life through her Vlogs. The reason why I am writing these entries is because of her. I think she approaches a part from the industry which is magazines and promotional material. Also how she runs an etsy shop is a great Vlog to watch since I am not doing that at all. So she has more experience and answers to questions for artists who work in a traditional way. Me? I don't think I can sell my originals at etsy or something like that. I am not drawing bright and sweet drawings most people would like to put on the wall. I am that kind of illustrator who designs posters for that certain type of audience who like to visit metal festivals. The rock 'n roll fanatics who accept the darker parts of life with a smile and a beer in their hands! But that doesn't say shit about why you shouldn't be watching other illustrators who do things completely different. There is no one magical answer to any of these questions.

Since I am mainly working in the darker realms of the industry with posters focussed on the dark and wrong side of the mind and the urge to make album covers both disturbing and beautiful, it is really refreshing to put the mindset of a person like Exely in my world. It would be nice to draw objects or food in a certain way that it looks tasty or sweet instead of some food that would devour you instead of you devouring your food. So maybe I should let go the harder extremely symbolistic way of making art so now and then and enjoy making a really nice picture that people like.

Why should I explore something what is not your cup of tea?
This is one of the reasons you should take a peek in the lives of other people. Artists who do completely different things can add something great to your toolbox. You don't need to see all the things you already know and look similar. You need things you wouldn't look for in the first place and learn from that! I'll bet you get to learn about things you would never find while looking in your own box. GO OUT THERE AND SEEK! You are interested in making art so act like it!

A side note!
In the video below Holly explains why she is making video's. She replies to a comment from another illustrator who doesn't do any good to anyone.. That guy was breaking down her work without giving any constructive critics. Everyone can give you advice, maybe it is not suitable for everyone but since she has a lot of views she is doing a good job.

Another artist!

The artist I am going to talk about next is Fran Meneses who is drawing stuff as sweet as Adventure Time's Princes Bubblegum. She also is a Illustuber. I wasn't familiar with that word but it appears to be a real thing. Again, not my cup of tea so I am glad other people are doing this for me.

She is brutally honest with herself and really positive towards how you can climb up to succes. The difference between Holly's Vlogs and those of Fran is that Holly is talking on a more personal introvert level. How she is experiencing her life as an illustrator and how she does things and feels good about that. Fran is Vlogging more about the business side of being an illustrator. The funny thing is you can see the characteristics of both of them back in their style of illustration. You can find the softness of Holly in her watercolor paintings and the happy dynamics in line and composition in the work of Fran.

Check things out pleaaassseee!
Again that is something that makes me look at my own art, the question of 'who am I and how can I use this in my work?'came up. This is something I did not find on my own or by looking at artists who are fishing in the same pool as I do. The only conclusion I can pull from this is that I am doing the same kind of thing as those other artists and I feel bad ass while doing this (just kid din' I am quite soft hehe). These artists learn you more about yourself and they are professionals so even when you can't do anything with the style they have, you can learn about their process of drawing.

For all those students and starting artists and even advanced artists!
Youtube is not my domain at all. I don't like to sit before a camera and talking to nothing. Second thing is: I don't really have anything to tell on camera and certainly not in English. I can write it pretty well but I don't think I am the chosen one to talk about things. These 'Illutubers' do a terrific job in making people feel like they can make things happen and give you advice in how to start things up and how to handle with certain situations. Maybe you already know a lot of it, maybe you don't and then they are even more helpful. We all know things but not everything. All the information in the world could solve the biggest world problems and even create a utopia, but we don't have all this information at one spot. Even when we do have all the information in one spot(the internet?) we don't have enough time in our life to read and understand all this information. So please, take every bit of information and use it because every bit of information is valuable. Even when you don't think it is usable for you in the first place.

Thank you for your time and hope you learned something about where to get inspiration from!

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