Organize your life! And don't give up.

Well, I am 14 days in. And I am working every day. I didn’t get any new clients but I think I am busy enough anyway. And I just follow the advice of many professional illustrators and concept artists „Don’t give up!” And i am not planning to give up. I already gave up my job to become a fulltime illustrator so fuck it, just role and be awesome.

Drink tea, Stay trve!

While drinking my tea I am planning out the rest of my day. Discipline is important and one way to do this is to make schedules. I know I am a chaotic beast that goes berserk with pencils, pens, ink photoshop and so on like an unguided projectile. So I needed something that gave me that structure. (Yeah, that is why you did go to artschool, to discover how to do this on your own many years later because they didn’t tell you shit) So this is something you need to do. Look deep into that mirror, deep into your eyes and then deep into your soul if you did not already sold it to the Devil. Don’t sell your soul to the Devil by the way. He fucks you over in the contract. anyway, look into your own self to look for your own problems. The lack of confidence to talk to potential clients, the chaotic mindset, not knowing how to say no (there are times you should say no to a client) there could be many things. I don’t really have a problem with approaching people but I do have a problem with organizing everything.

Clean up your room. (That’s what your mom said… hehe, I made a funny…)
Let’s start with the beginning, because that would be a good thing to do since I am talking about organizing your day and proces.
The first thing I did was cleaning up my workspace. As you can see on my picture I did a good job but I failed maintaining it so I have to clean it up more often but what the hell, I am way too busy for that. But keep on repeating this first step so now and then. A clean workspace = more peace of mind. I am not saying you shouldn’t have anything on your walls or your desk because please fill in your natural habitat as an artist the way you want it to.

Haha, that face...

Write your own biography.
The second thing I did was buying a cheapass sketchbook type of thing. One of those crappy paper, hardcover sketchbook you can’t make a drawing in with a normal pencil because the paper doesn’t allow you to do that. I am not using this for sketching but to write down my day. I start my day with writing down what I am planning to do and just to make my head empty. Every morning when I wake up my brain appeared to be collapsed and everything looks like my workspace at the moment. So I tempt to organize it on paper. What am I going to do? What are my concerns? What am I looking forward to? What do I REALY have to do?! So now I have something I can work with.
I tried to make a extremely tight schedule but no, I failed at that because too scheduled is doomed to fail for me. And this is a dangerous thing. Constantly failing at keeping you to your schedule is an attack on your confidence so again, adjust this to how you want it to and think what is best for you. Now I work in this order but I don’t keep the time. That is a good thing about working as a freelance artist! But still I have something that tells me that I have to do these things today.

This didn't work for me...

BE AWARE!(not afraid)
The third thing I did were things like I am doing now. Keeping up my blog. So now I can reflect on what I do and did and actually think about this. Be aware of the fact that you have different parts in your brain who need to work together when you make art. See it a little bit like a hallway with all different rooms in there.
Last Sunday I started a series about artists who inspire me. This is one room with all my inspiration in it. And the topic you are reading now is how I do things to keep on going. I am not talking about how I am creating my drawings just how to keep myself as a human being alive with the choice to become a awesome artist. And I have many flaws so I can read these problems now and later I can tell you guys (and myself) how I fixed them because we all have one or two problems that keeps us from making great art. REMEMBER! This is not an excuse not to work on your art or yourself as an artist! Just do it, because we were not going to give up on this.
How does this help me with my productivity? That is simple, I know where I left this information in my brain because I really thought about this and probably am thinking about what I said at some other moments this day. I remember where I left this and where I left my inspiration and when I get a new client I know where to look to start on sketches.

This is a great book about organizing your mind so read it!

I think these are the main things I do to organize my brain and life because this is a thing that is bothering my as a person a lot. Concentration problems are always a problem so we have to find a way to get things on track again.

Thinking of giving up?
You can learn to work with this but what has this to do with not giving up? Everything. You are going to fail in your own eyes, you are sending emails to all those clients who you would love to work with but just some are sending you an email back with the message „no, but I wish you good luck with looking for other projects”. But that is the point. Just keep on going, nobody is waiting for  you because they don’t know about you as an artist. One day they will be sorry for not taking you as an artist! Or maybe you are just not ready yet to work for them. Use all these rejections and hard times as a drive to become a better artist. I really think I can do better and I am working on that every day with client work and free work.

I hope I told you something you wanted to read and something you could use in your own life. Keep on drawing and subscribe for more of these type of stories.

Kind regards,



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