READY. SET. DRAW!!!! Oh wait, I have to do some things first.. (pt.1)

Things you should think of when you start as an illustrator/designer
Everyone who wants to start in this creative spectrum has a lot of questions and are bowling website after website. Well I did do that. There are helpful websites and even on youtube there are a lot of illustrators who are telling you how to start and to what you should pay attention to when you start your own little art empire.

That is all interesting and fun to look through and it is really helpful to make up your mind of how you want it to be. BUT, I couldn’t find that much information about the boring stuff like your registration as a company. Yes, you are a real company. A small one but you are a real boss of your own company.

So let me tell a bit about my own path I walked towards the real start. This will be updated when I made a new step in this proces.
I took time to do all of this. Don’t just start without knowing anything about all this uninteresting boring stuff. You have to do it anyway so just do it good. When you have all of this done you don’t have to panic about this in the future.
When I say „I took time to do all of this” I really ment I took time to do all of this. One month is the time I took to look everything up and got all things in order. I am looking for clients, making a digital file for my bookkeeping, register where I need to be registered and opening a bank account for my business. (but also to do research for my insurances and fix all that type of stuff but I am not going to talk about this in this post)

let’s start:

Congratulations! You already are doing something important. You are doing your homework. This is the most important thing before you take any actions at all.

Registering your business.
First of all, make sure you are registered as a company. I don’t know how this works in all the countries of Europe and the rest of the world but I can tell you how this works in the Netherlands.

All kinds of company need to be registered with the „Kamer van Koophandel”. Here they will register your name. I am registered as CAVUMscriptorium and this is now officially MY name MINE and nobody can use this name (HA!). It already sounds like a shitload of work with a lot of hard thinking about all types of stuff you don’t know sh*t about. But it is a lot less scary as you think.
You just fill out a form online ( and then you have to make a appointment at one of their offices and they walk through all of the data you had to fill in online. When you approved all of this then they are going to make a KVK number and register you with the tax authorities. And that is important since you can’t do all of this tax free!
My official start is at 01-01-2017. Then all the things start at the tax authorities too. But by Dutch law this can’t happen already. Seven days before starting your business they will send you all the files and other papers and then you are done. When you are planning to start next week then  you get all the files at once and then you have to start next week. But it appeared to be more interesting tax wise to start at the first day of 2017. Make sure you read all about this at the website of the KvK. Again: Do your homework.

(end of part one)


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