Amazing artists I discovered this week #3.

Zdzisław Beksiński

This artist is one of the few who didn’t give a crap about what others said. In these few posts I wrote I discovered I like the artists who show you a weird and dark world. Those things who are in the shadows and most people prefer to stay away from. And when I look at my own work I am one of those people who peek into the shadows as well.
Beksinski was an artist who looked deep into the abyss and provoked it to look into him. Sadly the abyss came and threw a shadow over his life too.

The artist himself
Some history
Beksinski was born in 1929 in Poland and worked his own way through the art world. As a painter, photographer and sculptor he stayed close to his own thoughts and fascinations which were topics like death, erotic scenes with an extremely dark twist, suffering and more of these discomforting scenes. The genre „Dystopian Surrealism” suits it well and I don't agree with a lot of these type of therms. You could say Costin Chioreanu could be classified as an Dystopian surreal artist too.

Zdzislaw Beksinski finished his study in Krakow but not as an painter but an Architect and as many of us artists know when you graduated you are standing in front of real life. Beksinski was one of those people too and faced life and became a construction site supervisor. He did not like this job but developed his skills as a painter and photographer during this time. The materials used in these paintings and photo’s could be found on the construction site. Themes as anxiety in an abstract form were the first things he touched and eventually he dug deeper and deeper until in the 60’s he got inspired by the surrealistic artists.

"I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams"

Beksinski never abandoned these themes and kept experimenting and finally became more popular after his first major succes at an art exhibition in Warsaw in 1964. All of his paintings were sold.

From that moment he kept on experimenting with different media as sculpting and photography and in the 90’s he experimented with digital photography and photo manipulation. He kept on doing this until his death in 2005.

I wrote about the abyss who was watching into Beksinski’s life. I was talking about his last years at this earth and his death. In 1998 his wife died and one year later on Christmas Eve his son Tomasz committed suicide and to make things worse, Zdzislaw was the one who discovered his body.
Mostly artists make imagery as an reflection of things that have happened in their lives or things that they are struggling with. In this case it seems like it is the other way around.
On February 21st 2005 Beksinski was found stabbed to death in his apartment.

The more abstract work of Beksinski

inspirational stuff

What attracted me the most in this artist are his dark themed landscapes. I always admire those who draw architecture in such a weird way. H.R. Giger is one of those artists who work with this type of architectural elements too. I think this is something I should be focussing on more in my own art because I usually keep buildings simple since my drawings are covered in persons and creatures anyway. But I think architecture drags your audience more into the world you are showing. It is YOUR world you are creating so where do YOU live? In a world without any buildings? In the streets of a big city? In a forest? Make sure you can give your audience that idea of location too. And yes, this is more criticism on me as an artist.

Use of Architecture and the human form

The second thing what is really inspiring in Beksinskis work is his use of organic forms. This is painted in such an organic way your mind takes it for real but then you discover all these elements that are weird or not possible and gives you a really weird feeling.  Just like the trumpet player below. The fingers are all over the place and it feels like the fingers are way too long. Another thing in this painting is the feeling of playing the trumpet. Every note is shown and you can almost hear him playing.

Beksinski never titled his paintings.
His use of color is as he described: Like a dreamscape. It is all dusty and things doom from this mist of color. I guess he experimented during his abstract fase with colors this much so he got hold on the atmospheric aspects of color alone this good. Another note to myself: Work on your colors! I can tell I am getting better at this every time I do the colors in my illustrations but I can’t repeat enough how important color is. Experiment with them but keep in mind what you want to tell your audience!

use of color and scenery

Besides all the technical aspects of his work there is one more thing we all should respect in him as an artist. His drive to tell us what HE wanted. There is always an audience for what you do. You just have to find it. But when you do things this complex and for such an small audience you have to make sure you are extremely good in telling your story in the right media! Only then you are going to be noticed. So good luck to all of us who are in this spectrum and maybe you will appear in this blog too!

Feel free to add any comments below and follow my blog for more articles like this. Critics are welcome! Sorry for putting this online just by now. But yeah, Christmas and stuff, you know.. NEXT Sunday you will get a new article, no worries.


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