Amazing artists I discovered this week #2.

The artist himself
Costin Chioreanu

This week I didn’t want to talk about a ‚new’ artist. I actually know him for a long time and I am glad I met him last year at Roadburn Festival.

He is not only a great artist but also a fantastic personality. We had some great conversations about art in the music industry.
So here he is the artist himself! 

From left to right: Kim Holm, me and Costin Chioreanu
I kind of grew up as a metalhead with this artist. His artwork was the reason I bought my first Grave album. I heard a song or two from them and those were amazing but I always want to listen to a complete album before I buy one. But then I saw the album cover of the Dominion VIII (April 21, 2008. Regain Records.) and that was the main reason I bought it. So yes, I am that kind art nerd who does judge the book, or in this case, album by it’s cover.

The album art was made by Costin Chioreanu. Most of you probably know him already and he still is a great inspiration to me.

Music and Illustration.
A colleague (and wise art viking from the North) called Kim Holm said something where a lot of people are guilty to. Most people collect comics they know the writer, the publisher, the artists and every single bit of history of that certain series. But how many people can you name who made album art? You know the name of the band and probably the lead vocalist but more you don’t. So please, check out the album art too! And give the artist some credits too! Artists are important pieces of the work a band is giving us and you like it.
Costin is one of those artists who is mainly working in this music industry as both an artist and a musician. This is something I really enjoy in his motivation. You can read some of his background story below.

Costin Chioreanu, born in 1982 and lives in Bucharest Romania.

TWILIGHT13MEDIA design studio was founded in 2003 by Costin Chioreanu after working deeply underground since 1999. This studio is dedicated exclusively to metal, dark art and this kind of culture.
What means “working deeply underground”? Well, I’m doing drawings since I was a little child and during my primary school and high school I was focused in fixing the cassettes covers from  my collection, in a time when my country, “released” from the communist era was drowned in pirate stuff of any kind. At that time I didn’t had any place from  where I could brought original items, just these poor pirate-copies, with black and white (and sometimes color – but very poor quality) xerox-covers. That’s why, many years I did the job for myself and my collection.  Some years later  I studied design and illustration at the National University Of Arts from Bucharest and since then I’m working with bands that are playing my favorite music.”

What inspires me!
He mixes the occult, surreal and old school metal art and kicked it into these modern days. That is what gives it a weird and dark feeling and leaves you rather confuses behind. It is like a view in another world we can not see. And yes, that is exactly what a trve artist should do. give you a view into their own world.
The way I see his drawings is like they are trying to build themselves or just trying to take shape into a figure. This puts you in a place where you just could take a peek into this dark world of things most people don’t want to see.


I know I mentioned the fact that people don’t want to see certain dark things in my last blog but still, that is the truth. So feel privileged you are one of those people who does dares to look at life in an honest way.

Because of the surreal shapes and uncommon use of perspective and figures you keep looking at the artwork. That is something I want to accomplish in my drawings too. But I do it in another way. Just by using a shitload of symbolism and figures who are all doing things. The use of symbolism for death and elements from dreams and higher stages of the spirit and mind are something he uses to so we both are digging into this world or what we can’t see. 
This is a real struggle every time you are starting a drawing with a story like that. When you have to talk about abstract things you really have to use the right symbol and some times you have to create a own symbols to bring your story to your audience. 

But something Costin does, and I am not satisfied about in my own artwork, is using typography in such a great way.
At art university I learned that you should not just pick a font and place it on your own drawings. Trace it, design your own font or use your own handwriting was what they said. The thing I have to say about that is: 
-Trace it? Optional but takes a lot of time and it is not a guarantee for succes.
Use of fonts. Source:
-Design it? I am not educated in font designing AT ALL. And it takes a lot of time. When you do get payed enough to design your own font and you are a skilled typographic wizard, just do it!
-So for the fastest way you have to know how fonts work to use it in your designs. That is wat a lot of graphic designers do and where they get payed for. Nothing wrong with that but that is something you really have to learn to work with.

And Costin really does have the knowhow in my opinion.  I learned a lot just by looking at what he does. He knows how to balance the font with his lines. Busy drawings with a really clean font or a iconic balanced drawing with a more busy font type or a lot of text. I don’t know if this is something he learned all about at university but I mainly do this by looking and toying around with this until it feels good.

Heavy music addicts do appreciate good art!

Don’t feel ashamed!
 So when you are not that great in solving typographic problems take a look at the work of others! There is no shame in this and it is not stealing idea’s or designs from your colleagues. You are just looking at how someone else does it and surprise!!! Now you are learning. This is the concept of inspiration in the first place.
Your style is taking all your idols and picking all of the stuff you really like, put it in a blender and then for the last ingredient putting your own brain in, blend it and then poor it over a piece of paper. 

Anyhow for all the lovers of heavy music and cold art you should defenitly check out the art of Costin Chioreanu.

Cheers and read more next week.

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