Amazing artists I discovered this week #1.

Good day to you people! 

Everyone in the art industry need inspiration and everyone knows colleagues who inspire them and you want to become as good as they are or put elements of their art in your work. Therefore I decided to share all the amazing artists I discovered. And every Sunday I will put a article about one of the artists I really love and inspire me.

The First artist I just discovered and I really like is Nicola Samori.

Agnese, 2009, oil on copper, 100 x 100 cm, image courtesy of Nicola Samorì

This artist grabbed my by the throat and it came to me by surprise. This week I was wandering online and found some gameplay video's from the video game "Layers of Evil". This game is all about an artist who really lost his mind and his house was filled with evil spirits and horror type of stuff. I am not going to dig deep into this game because you just should play it for the storyline.
Anyway, while you are walking through this house filled with weird art you really get to see weird artwork hanging on the wall. And I know my classical painters but didn't know some of these paintings. And these paintings were really dark and uncanny. It had this old victorian or late renaissance vibe but it was all deformed and weird. That is why I was still wondering throughout this game who was the artist? These must have been amazing concept artists who made this stuff and they really had to make a lot of paintings to fill up this game.
Curious as I was I googled it, and you all should do this when you see art in a game or in a weird context. That is how you get to know new stuff. It appeared that it were not remakes of the masters of the golden age, Baroque or whatever time spectrum it was. These were paintings from a Italian painter called Nicola Samori.

Born in 1977 and still making art to this day.

"Samorì  examines the theme of obsession from a number of different perspectives: that of the human body, religion, science, and the obsession of the artist with his own work. In his new paintings and sculptures he references art historical and biblical representations of ‘the healing of the possessed’.  Examples of such associations are Raphael’s “Transfiguration”, Jean-Martin Charcot, who “invented” the medical diagnosis of hysteria in his hospital in Paris in the late 19th Century, and Efisio Marini, an Italian scientist and physician who created rather unconventional sculptures from preserved corpses."
(source :

As you can read he is looking for more than those painters who he really likes but he digs deeper into his fascinations and brings this together to these intense sad paintings. I don't know how guys think of his paintings but I think he puts his finger on the part of human existence we prefer to ignore. Most of the people in this world prefer to watch funny cat video's and post happy pictures of themselves made in utopia. But since I, and I guess you too, am not a normal human being who only likes happy and beautiful art, Nicola Samori is one of the artist who said it the way it should be.

La Storia, 2009, oil on copper, 100 x 100 cm, image courtesy of Nicola Samorì

Needless to say, this artist knows how to paint. Again evidence that technique and research is extremely important. I learned that the concept is more important than technique at art school but,  yeah you know, fuck them. Mr. Samori knows who to paint AND knows what he wants to tell us. These type of artists are rather scarce so when  you get the chance, go to see his work in a gallery! You can find his exhibitions on his website.

Some personal talking

Now I need to explain how Samori's work influenced my illustrations.
He has a dark uncanny feeling in his work. A certain feeling of melancholy and darkness. That is what I should put in my drawings even more. However I do something completely different I still like his use of colors and his skills. He makes me want to pick up the pencil and grab the study books (Andrew Loomis and Bridgman) again and learn how to draw even better.
I don't make realistic artwork, I know that but I know the basics are important to learn about so I can make my comic/medieval type of drawings even better.
He also makes really clear choices. He doesn't want to make a beautiful painting like Michelangelo or Caravaggio did. He makes me aware that you are looking at a painting, made with paint on a canvas. But in a way it makes the painting raw and well... kind of weird. I guess Lovecraft would love these paintings too.

That is all I had to say about this. Please leave a comment when you disagree with something. This is the first time wrote an art review and I am not a writer so I could use all the advice and interaction with the reader to become more clear in my next article!

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