The amazing Daze of this illustrator *UPDATED*

Good fuckin' morning.
I am writing this before my coffee so sorry about the "fuckin'" part. This is a blog entry about what I do on a saturday. I am not a magick person who only does illustrations and the rest of the world should leave leave alone because I am doing my magick. But there are things I do or see different then most people. So keep on reading when interested.

old drawing but it suits the moment.

I woke up. Yes I am the worst you can imagine at sleeping. For all you assholes who thought artists and designers were lazy ass people who only want to get money from the government > NO, I am not one of them, I wake up early.
But as a normal human being I am heaving breakfast WITH coffee. I am not going to make pictures of that or something, there already are way to many photo's on the internet of breakfasts and other meals. 'Whoaaaahhh... look what I am going to eat!!' Yeah, you mother is going to be really proud on that one.

Coffee, food, shower, everything done..
Now I start being active. I checked my E-mail. Everyday I would love to see some emails with the news someone would like me as an artist but that does not happen as often I would like. So I am pretty fast in this already. Clicking all the spam away and checking my NEW FACEBOOK PAGE I made yesterday evening, yes 41 likes. (please follow me at Facebook, more small updates will appear over there on what I create and where you can find me.)
Next up: normal things part two. Doing groceries.

Done doing groceries. Yes that took long. Not because I needed a lot of stuff but because I live in a small village where you don't even have a grocery store. And because of that I need to schedule my food supplies so I don't have to go again for a few days. *living the isolated life!*
Now you could ask the question why I don't move to the big city like Rotterdam or Amsterdam. The answer is pretty easy, I don't like the city life. I like to go out of my house and walk for about 5 minutes and be in the middle of nowhere. That is one of the reasons why I would love to become a fulltime illustrator. You don't have to appear in front of people all the time. The luxury we have these days is the Internet. You could live everywhere you want, as long you have a good internet connection you can get in touch with your clients and show what you are doing. That is why I don't see any reason to move to the city.
'yeah, but in the city you can go out and visit exhibitions and special art parties or whatever to build your network!' True that, but I wouldn't visit those type of happenings anyway. If I want to visit something I can go by bus and be home in the evening and feel happy or fix a place to stay for the night. I visit Baroeg for some awesome gigs when I want, I go to Roadburn Festival and I can do Exhibitions in Breda and such, no problem but I would have done that too when I live somewhere else. Here I can find my much needed peace.
Next up: Family business. I am not going to put everything about that on the interwebz because you are here to take a look in the life of me as a Illustrator. you will read about that in the next part. I am not wasting time! I am doing the things everyone should do in the weekend. Family and friends are important even tho it is hard to keep those relationships when you are working all the time.

While eating my meal I am planning my work for this day. Well this day I am trying to finish this drawing. And that will be work for tomorrow too.

This is the point that is a bit more boring for you guys. I just sit here feeling like a super hero drawing cool stuff for the most awesome people. Smoking my pipe, drinking tea and making art. The life everyone should love who is in the art industry. It is not a surprise there are many people who think artist just sit around, enjoying life and living of the governments money. The opposite is true. I work hard and long. This drawing is taking hours and hours to make and (I hope) there is no one around who can do the same thing. That is what makes me and every other artist unique. You pay a handy man too for doing his job. And when he likes his job that is not a bad thing either is it?

So now I'm off to work. This blog gets an update later. Stay tuned.

In the evening I finally finished this drawing I was working on. You can see me in action in the picture above.
I never just draw pretty pictures but I can't deny all wishes of a client. She wanted me to finish this one in gray tones so I spend a bit more attention to the details on the ground.

Yes, this is Eve who ate the apple. I like medieval symbolism and play with it. That is not something new to the people who saw my blog before. So Here it is. Eve feels bad, arrows hit her everywhere to show that she is getting punished, the hourglass is still full as a symbol for the beginning of time and the snake still with legs. There are more details you can read or try to understand so please take your time to take a look.

And at this point it is time to go to bed. I worked all day and there is another drawing coming up.

It seems like a pretty quick ending of this blog entry but actually there is not more to tell. I was just sitting there drawing all the time while listening to music. Of course I ate something in between (damn it was nice food) and I drank tea and water and stuff like that. But I don't know if I could tell you more about what I did.

If you have any more questions about what or how I do stuff just ask! This was just a general story about how I live my life at a Saturday. Not that much different from most of you I suppose. 

Thank you for reading this blog entry and I am planning to give you a new entry about how I start a project from start to finish when I find a project that would fit a blog format.

Keep the art up!



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