Work and being an artist.

The first steps you learn at art school are conceptual thinking and developing the thing you want. Well in Holland they tried to teach me that. They told me that they wanted to see easy strong concepts in drawings. The whole "KISS" keep it simple, stupid idea. Well, that is a good plan for some students if they have a hard time drawing or want to create a shitload of drawings.
Most students that started art school wanted to draw for children. Books and happy things. When I finished school it seemed that most publishers, newspapers and other potential costumers wanted that. There is a BIG market for all the positive and happy drawings. The second market I discovered was the market of clever strong conceptual drawings. But just a few people can do great simple but clever drawings like that. And then you have the people that are real fantastic artists and they do both clever and really detailed drawings like Peter Pontiac in the image below (sorry for the bad news in the link)

  I am not that kind of person because there is too much to tell in the space I am giving myself on paper. Long story short: I sucked at art school and for some time I thought I did stuff that couldn't sell at all.
        Well this was the point I just graduated and I had to pay the bills so I found myself a job that I am still doing. And dear readers, that is not something you should be ashamed of. I first thought I never could get out of this but I am working on it at this very moment. The fact that you don't have to worry about money at this point gives you the freedom to think about what  you really want and experiment and discover who you are as an artist. I never learned that at school and I think you can't learn that at school at all. But there is a "downside" on this whole working part. You have to spend time on something you don't want to do at all. But if you are really wanting to become an professional artist and love creating images you can make time to do it! there are whole evenings and whole weekends you can spend drawing! And don't give me the "but my social life will be destroyed" reply, that is just you being lazy. Sure you can see your friends but they have to respect that you are working two jobs at this moment.
       Now  you are working two jobs but you don't have payed assignments at this moment? Take it seriously what you are doing, make art you want to show to people or make time to take a look at your portfolio that you are going to send to someone. Ask yourself the right questions about your art? Why am I liking this and what do I like about these drawings I made? And don't forget to ask the question "What is it that I DON'T like about these drawings". Then you can improve yourself and that is what people want to see, something new.
       I told you at the beginning that I am not the type of guy that likes to draw the happy happy joy joy kind of stuff. And maybe you have a style that people don't "like" in the first place. Keep one thing in mind, Most time your art is not bad but it just doesn't fit the publisher or whatever who you send your work to! And don't bother asking for directions after you got a no on your portfolio. You always could ask for any ideas where to send your portfolio send to. You are just starting as an artist and the people who are looking at your work are interested in art in general. Not some kind of asshole that wants to burn you down to the ground and after you are done they go to the next portfolio loser to reject that one aswel. But be serious in every step you take. You have your job that pays the bills, in time you are going to understand more and more about what you are doing and what people do like your art and who can't do anything with it. And then you discover that there really is a market for the things you do, even though you didn't thought that in the first place. You don't have to become a world famous artist that everyone knows. You can be an artist that is famous in your genre! And I think I found my fans when you are seeing this blog for the second or more time.
      Just keep on working on yourself as an artist, and see the other job you do as a good way to pay the bills and give you freedom.
me posing at my atelier

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