Every time after finishing a drawing there is a brief moment of silence. A feeling of peace and satisfaction. But making art is like a drug. First the experience with an absolute peak of joy and after that peak you fall down into a deep pit. Well I fall into this pit. The journey is over, I finished it and there is nothing more to do about it. Now what..

Now I need to climb all the way up to the top again. Starting with a new idea and story and personal struggle. What is it that bothers me in life? What is it that I need to change about myself? Do I need to confess any Sins again, or should I aim my arrow to the struggle of life itself?

I am the match and I have to light the candle that is the idea and this is how I can find my way up from this hole filled with Melancholy. I use my art as therapy to get through life itself.

As you probably already know I get my inspiration from the medieval Catholic ambiance and visuals. I admire the monks in those days that would not speak so they can focus on nothing but God Himself and the Word He gave us. If I had the chance to live a life without speaking and just draw the things I would love to draw, as an assignment (via e-mail or letter) or from my own mind I would gladly do that.

With that said, Please take a look in my portfolio if you haven't seen the work in there already and enjoy this beautiful music piece by Arvo Part.

Kind Regards,



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