To end a battle

I was working on this drawing for way too long, and it was a struggle. It was not finished and it kept on being not good enough to be called finished but now finally it gave up and it surrendered. I won this battle.
The longer I work as an artist the deeper I get into my artworks. Every single one of them has to be more detailed and should tell more stories than the last one. Does anyone here suffers that same curse or blessing?
I got over the point that I was never satisfied with the drawing I was doing. For most people that is a hard thing and actually it always will be a hard thing to do. But how dit I managed to get over this?
It was quite simple to me. I make a drawing at THIS moment. Not a drawing in the future but NOW. so it should be better than the last one not better than the one you will be creating next. So what if a hand is not the way you intended it in your head. Does it still looks good? Yeah, it is not a mistake and it fits the figure in the drawing. That is the point you can leave it that way. I write this one down. Next time the hand should be in the right pose. So when this one is done I can do some studies to get it right and huzzah! You learned your first thing from this drawing. You are not better then you are now.
A lot of people think that artists just do the thing they do without thinking and make good stuff. But a good artist or illustrator feels the urge to communicate better, to draw or paint better, to make the image better. And your viewers are the ones that are the people who judge over your communication skills. If they react the way you intended that you have done a great job.
Now your viewer is happy with the thing you did. Yaay. and then the dark side of joy. Now your next work has to be better to amaze them again. Good luck with that!

So my dear readers, Wish me luck, I'm going to amaze you again with a new drawing. Well... I hope I will.




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