Art rambling

Why do I create the things I do? Why am I fascinated by these dark melancholic images in my head in some kind of aggressive composition that makes things hard to read?
I don't want to tell people that they should live the way I show them and warn them for all these dark entities on their way to the end. I guess I am the WORST artist ever from that point of view. Artist should reflect things of society, throw things people do back into their faces and show them they are wrong or right. Tell the world what you think and change the world should be the job of an artist. Well f*ck it, I suck at art. I am not an artist if you look at my work that way.
So why do I do the things I do. I think it is a way of therapy, giving things/thoughts a place in this symbolistic shape. The happy things are not interesting to me. The world is burning and we are just focusing on our happy vintage hipster life is good and healthy lifestyle. But I don't feel the urge to shout to the whole world to shut op and be realistic. In fact, I closed the doors to this world. This world of digital masks called social media which is the most anti-social thing ever created by human kind. I started to look for the things other painters and designers had to say. Paintings of Mary Magdalene, the symbolism of medieval monks, modern day comics (not Marvel or DC but the more experimental stories) and so on. All of these peaces of art told us stories. We all can read or feel the meaning of it but that didn't answered my question, why do I do this and what do I have to tell? I am not a writer, I think in pictures. My story is a drawing, my words are symbols and poses and composition, my letters are the details. And what do I have to say to all of the world? Actually the same thing everyone who writes in an journal. Nothing to you.

So why do I send my art into the world? This is my next question and the answer is pretty logic. You can walk with me on my journey through life but I think my drawings tell you your own story and journey. You are looking at my drawings and see the things YOU recognize from your own life. And why should I keep you away from that? There are people that like those drawings. And the fact you like them and try to read them and maybe discover something about yourself or me gives the drawing a reason for existence. For if something does not have a reason to exist it will destroy itself in one way or another. The fact that I am still drawing is that it still has a purpose in my life and maybe even to someone else.

with this said: I am still drawing and here is the thing I am working on.

stay alive,



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