lets write something

Today is not the day that I feel that well. I feel pretty terrible actually. My head is kind of exploding... but that does not meen that I can't write something about what I do.

It is a great thing to hear that people like my work. I don't have that much projects at the moment and I would love to get more so I can make a living from it. but so once in a while some one tells me that I did a great job on a illustration. And that feels like a step closer to a full time illustrator.
the festival season is started so I can't do art for most festivals at this very moment but I am hoping for some bands that can keep me going. If not than I will make a lot more art by my self.

The thing about art is: It is not easy to do. I wish it would be like just making a cool picture and then get my money or something like that but I just can't do that. I would like to tell people things with my illustrations. Illustrations should not be just a nice picture on some words but they should tell what they think about the tekst or music or something like that. That is why they picked the illustrator in the first place.
But that is not the main thing I want to. Once I've read about what happened with the posters of Mucha in the streets. They got stolen, mostly at the same day they were put up. That is what I would like to happen with my art. When I get published in a magazine I would like people to cut out my drawing and keep it, if it is a poster in the streets, people should want to try and steal it because it is that good. I think all illustrators should try to reach that goal. It should be that different from the normal standards that is will become art again. Not just candy wrappers but more than that. That one extra layer would make things more special. I am not a painter or something like that, I am a designer. The things I do are designed for printing and stuff like that. Telling people where to find what to do but then in a very nice shape. Or well.. nice shape.. The things I make are not the romantic style hipster utopia bullcrap. So in my case: it should tell something and grab the viewer by it's throat so they have to look at it until they fully understand it. And the second time they looked at the same drawing they should discover more in this work. That is what I would like to cause with the things I create.

But at the moment my tea is more important than anything. Tea is a nice way to calm down and let all the unhappy thoughts go.

kind regards,



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