The things I see on tv and in commercials are all about happy people in some kind of utopia. I can understand things like that. "Buy this product and you will get in some kind of state of pure joy and peace". But why is it that we all are posting som kind of nostalgic pictures with a oneliner about being happy. When an alien would take a look on Facebook he wouldn't understand a single thing of what he sees on the pages. The whole world is in war and decay and we keep on posting things about happiness.
The good thing is that we all want that. That is the thing we are probably trying to tell. But why are we just shouting these kind of things and not trying to get this world a better place? We don't have to rely on our governments for that. They only keep an eye on the economy because a lot of money makes people happy. And that is what we learn at school too. Get a good job, earn a lot of money and then you will be successful and therefore happy. I don't think that is the case at all. That is just pleasing our needs and wealth in a small way.
And why are we always fighting for something good? If fighting is a bad thing. Why are we fighting for something good and not trying to MAKE things better. We should focus more to create things than destroy things that are not "good".

so please people, go take a seat and think 15 minutes a day about your own life or something else important. What could we do to make things better. It doesn't have to be a big thing like saving lives or something but just how can we change things without a lot of terror and violence or even a violent word in the concept.

And something personal: I like a lot of metal stuff, the more Doom the better. But that is only because that is how we can give negative feelings and thoughts a place. That is why most metal heads are the most kind people you can find.




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