There is a festival where not everyone can make it to. Not every band can play there and not everyone can get a ticket. And this festival is HEAVY.
This festival is called ROADBURN. For years I was watching the posters and realy wished that I could make one of them someday. Honored to say, I made it that far.
This is one of the festivals that realy appreciate Art and design. And I know that the visitors of this festival and fans of this kind of heavy music want more than just an MP3 and thank you guys for that!  Love art, music and vinyl!

I hope you like what I have done right here. You can always ask me questions and when you like what I do, please feel free to send me an email!

This post is in English for all the English readers and ROADBURN frestival fans.

Primitive Man. (left)
Lord Mantis  (right)

Illustration O)))


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