and again there was silence.
But this came with a reason! I worked my butt off lately but I can't show this yet! so stay tuned!

"ever breathe a frequency? " is something you can read on a shirt of Sunn O))). While there are these kind of frequences filling the room and kicked out every form of light I worked on this one.

while the frist snowflakes fell and children are playing outside this woman is facing the end. But when you lived your life good, Death is not a thing to fear. There are more sides in this work. the end, the beginning, a new journey? Think about it.

Looking at art and read.
This is something we sould do more often. See things and try to understand it. How often do you go to a museum? It is not for old people. Most art is just hard to read. Art you like or get drawn to, is like a mirror. You see things from your own life. You don't have to like it but you can learn from it. Maybe you don't understand it at once, but when you get back home, think about it. just like, 15 minutes. What did it tell me? Why did I liked it?
Art is a craft, Good artists are rare but when they do it good you can love it. Those artists are mostly not in the news or the magazines. You have to look for them. If you don't like mainstream music, you have to look for your type of music too. There are even people who are doing their best to get vinyl again. I am one of those people. Get the full experience of a work of art. Good music, well made designs, and it is yours. Putting the vinyl on the player and there it comes, music. Made with care.

Just see what you got in your room, house, space. There is more to enjoy and think about. It riches your life.

All hails,


Illustration O)))


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