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The wastelands of my mind are in fact real

Mental illness and art.

The past few months I have read quite some articles about mental illness and art.
Even the blog/website Muddy Colors published an article on this topic on May the 23rd 2019 written
by Lauren Panepinto. In the Netherlands I see more and more articles about burnout, stress,
depression, exhaustion and so on and so forth. So it is something that is starting to float more towards
the surface or it is in fact becoming a bigger problem in our society. But I will focus on the spectrum
I am most familiar with which is Art. Usually I think I have an opinion about something that is written and I will spit that out but this time
I can talk from my own experience. I am not a "survivor", I am not special, I am not facing a judgment
that is going to destroy my life. This malfunction in my brain is just something that makes me who I am. So let me make clear that people with a mental health issue is most likely more aware of the normal things
and it is harder to do the no…

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