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Getting back to a day job as an artist.

Getting back to a part time day job. Yes, I have to confess something to you all. I had to get back to a regular day job. I am a part time normie (That is how the hip kids call it, aren't they?) again. These days you only hear succes stories and how beautiful it is to be an illustrator. It is a awesome job, don't get me wrong! But the complaints about poor payments and struggles to get clients are real. Especially when you don't have a style of artwork like mine. But that is even more reason to get back to a part time job. So let me talk about that and when you are finished reading about that you can read and see my new project called >>>Third Circle <<<

The part time normie life brings peace in your artistic life. It kind of is a relief not to worry about paying the bills. Most people don't think about that because they go to work and get payed. As an artist you are fucked. You have to get clients and they have to pay for what you do. So now I have …

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