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After the artistic break. STRUCTURE and growth.

Here I am, once again after a HUGE break from blogger. Life has not been without any struggle and I totally lost focus. So let me give you guys a quick idea of what I did and am going to do.
No, I am not going to complain or explain what happened in the past six months or more (can't even remember how long). I am going to look forward and build on something because I feel like I need to do that.

The youtuber BORODANTE experienced some trouble in his life as an artist and youtuber as well. He fell out of the rhythm of making videos and artwork. But now he is back and I do think he had some valid points on how he is going to get back on track. I added his video where he draws a "self portrait" and talks about where he is and where he wants to move towards.

He explains that he is building on his own life and one of the most important things he mentioned is that he is just going to create videos for the sake of creating. His goal in this is working on a rhythm in his life. T…

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