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Inspirational artists: Peter Polach

The insane and the beautiful. Peter Polach. Holy crap those colors and expressions in the figures and faces. This is something I would love to have in my artwork. It is the perfect mixture of knowledge of anatomy and color and a wicked mind.

As you know I like the super dynamic work like the characters made by Wayne Reynolds where every line and shape is going to give you a nasty paper cut, but also the artwork of the old masters. Peter Polach is more of that type of artist that leans towards the classical painters but in a modern way.
We don't live in the 1800s anymore and we as illustrators don't work like amazing commercial artists like Andrew Loomis. We also have photoshop and we are allowed to show the digital side again. Digital artists / Concepst artists these days can work really fast these days and create illustrations on the level of the old masters fast. With that I don't really understand why this is not in all the magazines and news papers since these artists…

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