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My mourning ritual. Waking up with the artist.

Je suis Tinguely Maybe you can recall I talked about organizing your stuff to become a better artist. Well, let's revisit that topic and talk a bit about finding balance in playing with the organized mind and the chaos.

I am kind of a dysfunctional machine who gets his fuel from the chaos of life. Just like you and everyone else. Rather incapable to take care of ourselves in these modern days where we ALL are so privileged that we can worry about irrelevant things and sometimes even destroy ourselves and most definitely destroy everything around us. So let's take care of ourselves and see how we can improve ourselves as an artist and make us as a machine better functioning. With this we can become more successful as an artist on several scales and also be a better machine for our society.

First fuel up. Breakfast Like every machine or organism we need fuel. Something we can put into us. Now our machine is more complex then a car where you put gasoline in and it runs. We are m…

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